How I do my eyeliner flick – step by step


Quite often I get messages asking me how I do my eyeliner flick because it’s “always perfect”. Well firstly, it ain’t, I do fuck it up quite often. As I’ve gotten older and my eye crease has lowered I’ve had to completely re-learn how to do an eyeliner flick and the easiest way is to go under the crease. Apologies for the quality of the video – it was just quickly done on my phone. I will do a better quality video on it soon, I absolutely promise. I’m getting a soundproofed Youtube room as part of my New Year expansion which will allow me to do videos again. Doing them in the office/shop is just too noisy. Ditto at home with a toddler!

How to do my eyeliner flick

1. Line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your lid. Don’t try and do it all in one go just fill it in gradually.

2. From the outer corner draw a thin, straight line outwards UNDER where your crease finishes.

3. Leave the end of the flick thin and sharp and about half way along start a gradual slant to join it up with the line along your eyelid.


Eyeiners I rate

Soap and Glory cat eye for control (it’s a very stiff felt)  

Urban Decay Perversion felt liner because its blacker than your feet when you take your shoes off for the walk to the taxi at the end of the night.