The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Whatever Colour You Want It To Be


As soon as you tell me I can control something with my phone then I am all in – I just hope that in the near future they come up with an app to control your boyfriend but until then I’m happy to enjoy all the life improving apps along the way.

Phillips Hue is one of the newest life hacks out there and having had it now for a few weeks, I would be genuinely upset if I had to go back to life without it. Not only can you turn your lights on and off using an app on your phone, which is handy for avoiding arguments over whose turn it is to get up and turn the bedroom light off (his by the way, always his) a la PS I love you, but you also get to change the colour and it’s soooo much fun.

It comes with pre-set themes – so you can have the room change to arctic blue or purples and oranges like a tropical sunset OR you can have loads of fun making your own themes. I have a rose gold one in the bedroom (obv) and one saved for downstairs called Smarties (because it’s based on my favourite Smartie flavours). You can even upload a photo and it’ll create a theme based on the colours in the photo. It’s so clever – the future is now!

Something else that’s really cool about it is they’ve actually partnered up with The Voice UK, so while you’re inhaling your Chinese on Saturday nights and vegging out in front of the telly (because show me a 30 year old who would rather be out every Saturday than sitting in in their PJ’s and I’ll show you a weirdo), you can download The Voice UK app and have a play with your Philips Hue lights.

Here’s my fella pretending he’s one of the coaches (I don’t have big man hands honest) – basically if you press the button on the app to say you’d turn round for a contestant then it turns your whole living room red – just for a few seconds though, you don’t actually have to spend the rest of the night in a photo developing room.


I’m so sold – I’m gonna get it in every room of the house!

For more info and to download The Voice UK app click here.

This is a sponsored blog post on behalf of Philips Hue. Scouse Bird Problems received compensation for this post, however all opinions stated are my own.