The New Technology That’ll Make Your Home A Million Times Fabber


A few weeks ago I posted about the new lighting I’d installed in my home and I had to post again because it just got even better.

I know what you’re thinking, “Lighting? Really hun? Not exactly the latest Louboutin collection on the excitement scale is it?” but a) this ain’t no ordinary bulb, b) everyone who’s ever taken a selfie knows lighting saves lives and c) things like this are really exciting these days (that’s when you know it’s time to hang up your dancing shoes). My home is my castle and anything that gives it an extra bit of wow, gets my vote.

Speaking of votes…

I already synced my Philips Hue lighting up to The Voice UK app and played along with the in-app game during the Blinds but now it’s in the Lives stage and it gets even better.


Your lights actually sync to The Voice UK stage lights so your whole living room or bedroom (wherever you choose to park your bum and steady junk food supply on a Saturday night) actually parties along with the telly. To me this is one step closer to ‘Smell-0-Vision’, holograph TV’s and being able to reach in and download a pizza straight from the screen and I’m so down with that.

I have to be honest, I didn’t watch a lot of telly on Saturday nights before now (having mostly been up to my neck in tequila and bad choices) but now that I’m an official “Proud Mummy” I’m really getting into The Voice UK, especially with my Hue lights syncing up to it. So has it made my Saturday nights better? Deffo, and Hue in general is exactly the sort of thing that could keep the kids, the fella (and secretly you) entertained for hours. Bonus.

For more info about Philips Hue, click here.

This is a sponsored blog post on behalf of Philips Hue. Scouse Bird Problems received compensation for this post, however all opinions stated are my own.