What to buy: For the man who loves watches


What do you buy for the man who loves watches? Well dur, a watch. The average fella goes gaga over watches in the same way we go gaga over shoes and bags. Imagine the intense desire you feel when you look at a pair of Louboutins or the latest Chanel clutch and that’s how a man feels when he’s going gooey eyed at a limited edition Omega or Rolex. Dream on lad, while a pair of £800 Louboutins might not exactly be easy to achieve for most people, they’re a damn sight more realistic than £30,000 for a Patek Philippe.

So what if I told you that you could quite easily satisfy the watch geek within him but for a fraction of the price? No really you can. I found out about a luxury watch manufacturer based in London called Christopher Ward from a watch enthusiast I used to know (read as ex I’d rather never have known). He makes watches in the same way and with the same parts – and therefore luxury and craftmanship – as your Omegas and Rollies but instead of a £30k price tag, think more along the lines of £500 -£1500.

I’m no watch lover myself, if it’s pretty and it tells the time then I’m in but even I had to admit that when it arrived I found my fellas Xmas present pretty sexy. As it’s a limited edition it’s practically an investment anyway, see you can even apply the same ‘Chanel bag’ logic to it. LOOK AT IT THO!


I let him take it out the box so he could get the links adjusted. Now he has to look at it under the tree for a month.

It’s the finishing touches like the presentation box and the letter summarising the most important parts of the user manual (cos reading instructions, ain’t nobody got time fo dat) which really set CW apart from your common or garden Hugo Boss watches. This isn’t a designer with a sideline in watches, this is a designer watch.



Budget (Well for a watch)



This sexy little number will set you back £299 – Model C5 Malvern. Available with a leather strap for £250


Brownie Points



The Trident Pro C61 is £510, a fraction of the Omega Seamaster at £3850.


Break the Bank



This ceramic C1000 Typhoon will get any lad excited – inspired by an RAF fighter plane. It’s the ultimate in toys for boys. £1500

The full Christopher Ward range, including the sale can be shopped here

Enjoy the love you’ll get from your fella when he finds one of these under the tree, you deffo deserve those Louboutins now girl


Sassy Bird


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