10 Scouse Bird Shop essentials for Self Care Sunday

Picture this. It’s Sunday night. Monday is tomorrow. A long week of work ahead, and you’re dreading it. What do you need? Self Care Sunday. Issa thing.

That’s exactly what Sunday life is all about. A chilled out evening, taking care of nothing but yourself. Then you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and positive!

I’ve already written a post on the ideal Self Care Sunday so now you’re all on board, here’s some fab accessories and products you can use to absolutely nail it.

Owen Drew Luxury Candles

First you’ll need to set the mood. Start by lighting your favourite Owen Drew candle. What girly bath time is complete without a candle or seventeen? The Scouse Bird Shop has got you covered, with Owen Drew’s extra AF line of luxury candles!

Trust me, Owen Drew candles are amazing. Individually hand poured on the Wirral, they’re available in a variety of luxurious, distinctive flavours. Try old favourites like White Jasmine, something different like Peppercorn & Raspberry or even Dior-inspired Sauvage!

Drawstring Makeup Bag

Now that you’ve got the atmos sorted, you need to get all your bits and pieces together. Grab your face mask, your blow up bath pillow… and keep it all in this fab little makeup bag.

It completely opens up into a mat so you can see exactly where all your makeup bits are (honestly, the stress it saves is unreal) and then pull the straw strings and you’re all tidy again!

Just £7.99 from the Scouse Bird Shop

Bath Bombs

Okay, so you’ve got the room smelling great and you’re running yourself a bath. Time for the main event. What is an indulgent bath without an incredible bath bomb? Not indulgent at all, that’s what!

The Scouse Bird Shop is chocka with dozens of perfect smelling bath bombs. They will make your bath look, smell and feel AMAZING.

Some of my favourites include Ultimate Glitter Princess, a pink bath bomb infused with fine shimmery body glitter.

There’s Pour Homme AKA Fit Fella, which will get your bath smelling like a really fit, sexy man, but with none of the hassle of having to put up with his shit.

And is you have trouble falling asleep then try the Lavender lullaby which’ll have you drifting off in no time.

Now on sale! Get 4 for £10 on bath bombs in the Scouse Bird Shop!

Luxurious Hand Cut Soap

Now it’s time to get yourself squeaky clean and smelling fabulous. No self care Sunday would be complete without a bar of our Luxurious Hand Cut Soap. With 8 different scents to choose from in a variety of pretty colours- your bathroom will look as fit as you’ll smell!

My top picks are Coconut and Rose Champagne– but maybe you’re more of a Mint Choc Chip or Elderflower & Apple kinda gal? Whatever your flavour, we’ve got you covered.

Slim Gilly’s Low Calorie Cocktails

Your bath’s run, the room is smelling glorious- the only thing that could make your evening more perfect is a bev. Slim Gilly’s cocktails are the perfect size (rather than opening a bottle of wine, accidentally drinking the whole thing and being wrecked for work), and come in two sexy flavours: Passionfruit and Vanilla Vodka and Rhubarb Ginger Gin. £3 each (or 50p if you buy two or more), and only 90 calories- need I say anymore?

Detangling Brushes

Who needs the added stress of trying to brush knots out of their hair on Self Care Sunday? That’s not what it’s all about, at all!

Make sure your hair is sleek and ready for the week, the pain free way! Don’t rag a brush through your tatty head, tame those tangles ready for products and styling with my detangling brush!

Click here to shop now.

The Tansie

I know it’s a pyaaaa ball ache but trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you wake up Monday morning as a glowing goddess. DO YOUR TAN.

Save yourself from streaks (and your sheets from stains) with the Original Tansie. This all in one is dead cheap, dead reusable and you can sleep in it knowing your sheets won’t be turning orange.

Mermaid/Unicorn Slippers

Once you’re out of your bath, you need to dive straight into your slippers. What better kind are there than these fluffy mermaid slippers? Guaranteed to make your feet feel soft and cosy. It’s like you’re walking on clouds! Also available in unicorn.

One size fits all, now available in the Scouse Bird Shop!

Premium Blaster Bath Bombs

Don’t just keep Self Care Sunday to yourself! Share the love with your friends and family! They’ll be made up with these premium blaster bath bombs!

They come in a variety of smells and flavours, so shop now! Pick your favourite from V for Violet, for you Parma Violet lovers, or the fab Ice Cream Queen if you prefer something sweeter.

What are your tips for Self Care Sunday? Don’t forget to share them with me by leaving a comment!


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