Scouse Bird Problems – Cheats Guide: To a Curly Blow 2014

Posted On: 01/12/2014

By: Scouse Bird

Last year I posted an article called Cheats Guide To A Curly Blow  and it’s by far the most popular beauty post I’ve ever done. Over 20,000 of you read it and I still get asked about it even now – Boots and Amazon sold out of the rollers twice from the back of it. God damn it we just love our gorgeous curls! There’s just one problem though, the rollers I talked about are no no longer in production. Nightmare! You can still buy up the dregs of the stock but at £100 a go, they ain’t cheap anymore. I knew I had to find a solution. I’ve checked out offerings from Babyliss, Toni & Guy and Nicky Clarke but then like a knight on a glossy maned horse, out of the clouds of fear and confusion rode Pro Blo. The Pro Blo Curl ME is LITERALLY a DIY curly blow.

“Having 24″ extensions isn’t for the faint hearted. Yes, hair down to your bum looks amazing but it does require that extra bit of effort to keep it looking anywhere half decent.” If you’re anywhere near as lazy as me then having any kind of hair, extensions or no, is a ballache and apart from the few glorious hours after a visit to the hairdressers you spend most of your life looking like a bin (and the way you shovel carbs down your gob you act like a bin too, amirite??!).


“In an ideal world we’d all have a curly blow slave who would be there at our beck and call ready to make us look fabulous whenever we require. However, slavery was abolished some time ago so that’s nothing but a pipe dream and I don’t know about you but I can’t afford a daily trip to the hairdressers. It’s a cruel, cruel world we live in isn’t it ladies?”

Enter ‘Curl ME’ the answer to our prayers and allowing us to keep on looking ‘Printastic’ errrr’day. All you do is blast dry your hair so that it’s just a bit damp then begin to blow dry each section with the Pro Blo brush as you would normally. What makes Pro Blo different is that it comes with 6 detachable ceramic barrels so once you’ve blown the piece of hair and carefully rolled it up – we don’t want horror stories of cutting out hair tangles with scissors – you click a button and release it into your hair allowing the brush and curl to cool down and set gradually. Just like in the hairdressers. Once you’ve finished drying your hair you just carefully unroll them y voila! Curly blow. Use with Tigi ‘Queen for a day’ volumising spray for that extra bounce, also because the name is boss but mainly for that extra bounce. The pictures below are the results I had when using the Curl ME on completely dry hair with a tiny bit of Queen for a day, I’d just washed it the night before I was trying them out. I can’t wait to use it on damp hair.

You can buy add on packages to go with the original Curl ME set so if you feel like 6 barrels just isn’t enough then you can have as many as your heart desires. They come in 3 different sizes (2 of each per pack). The brush and set also come with grips to keep the barrels in place while you’re blow drying the rest of your hair and generally walking round looking like a total babe. I have long hair and i find that 12 barrels is more than enough but if you’ve got 3 packs of extensions in you may need more >_


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