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Extensions: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. They can look so fantastically good or bad that choosing the right ones (for your budget) is really important.I’ve been on the extensions for years, love, love, love them to death. You definitely feel more fabulous with a glossy mane and more tragic with matted rat’s tails. My first extensions were the real deal Russian ones years ago which my hairdresser sourced from the woman who supplied Herbert’s (which I’ve since learnt WAS Dianne Marshall), I’ve had European, Remy and proper crap ones so I’ve been through the extension mill.

blogger-image-1838322233-3561571The worst ones I ever had were like a self matting weave, I brushed them, remained completely still and within 2 minutes they’d worked their way into one giant knot….how?? Magic stennies. I had them sewn in one day and cut out the next. *shudders*

recently read about Dianne Marshall in a magazine and found out she actually did Kate Winslet’s extensions in Titanic and Gwyneth Paltrow’s in Shakespeare In Love. She’d trained in Beverley Hills and actually almost single-handedly brought boss extensions to the city of Liverpool and even the UK. This woman was the real deal – the Gucci of the extension world and I had to have her hair. Not literally hers like, I wasn’t planning on scalping her in a dark alley or anything.A friend of mine managed to get me booked in with her; Dianne’s just released a new Remy range (which is still top quality double drawn thickness) which was more within my price range, so I had to give it a go. I’d been saving up for some decent ones for the summer and I wasn’t let down. They are gorgeous – so soft and thick.

Dianne herself is an absolute babe, I love her loads. We had a good old gab and I explained to her that I was paranoid about getting bald patches and sores at the side of my head (had some over-eager weave sewers in the past) and she knew exactly what to do and where to place it and oh my god, it didn’t even hurt. I haven’t even got a headache or anything, the woman is a genius! Dianne, where have you been all my life??



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