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I’m a lip filler virgin but I absolutely love the look of bigger fuller lips; I adore Rosie Huntington-Whitely. It’s torture that I do not look like her (Seriously though why is she just that amazing? Someone tell me.. witchcraft deffo). I just want lips to die for is that not too much to ask?

With my impending wedding I decided that now was a good a time as any to have the pout of my dreams (to go along with the man of my dreams) so I booked in with RD Aesthetics – based at 88 Rodney street – known as the Harley Street of the North. If you’re playing around with what God did or didn’t bless you with, then this isn’t the time to be messing round with Groupon and back street beauticians.

Lip filler consultation

My treatment & consultation was carried out by the talented and professional Dr Rachel, and from the off I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable, considering I knew I was about to get my face stabbed.

The process for the consultation was really informative and all my questions were answered along with Dr Rachel being a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things filler related. The main areas she covered included potential reactions, bruising, types of lip fillers available and finally the all important aftercare. I’m usually the girl with a million questions who everyone hates, but this time I had very few as Dr Rachel covered everything you could imagine including managing my  expectations about leaving the clinic looking like Rosie’s twin.


After Dr Rachel measured up my lips and we had a long talk about how we thought they should look, we opted for the ‘Juvederm Vycross’ filler which lasts 12-18 months and is £280 for 1ml. During my procedure we got to stop and review my lips to ensure I was happy. Dr Rachel really made sure I was a part of the process and kept me informed to the point that I felt all my fears had dissolved.


My results are AMAZING; I fell in love immediately. Even my fella turning up with a new pair of loubs and a Dominos meat feast couldn’t have made me any happier. My lips finally look how I want them to, after all these years. As for pain during the procedure, what pain? The numbing cream meant I felt nothing more than a tickle.

Everyone is different, my results you can see in the photos above. I didn’t actually get facial bruising or any excessive swelling. My lips after 3 days are, to me, perfect. If you’re a lip filler pro or a complete virgin, Dr Rachel is someone I recommend you go visit ASAP.

Now just try and stop me being a selfie queen!


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