Scouse Bird Problems – Microdermabrasion: A NU start for your skin

Posted On: 31/10/2014

By: Jennifer Nixon

A couple of Sundays ago I woke up to a dry mouth and a gBar stamp branded across my hand. It was my second hangover in as many days, and I felt absolutely vile.

After an hour of groaning under the covers, trying to build up the courage to check last night’s sent messages, (which, as usual, I immediately regretted) I dragged myself to the bathroom mirror and found that, unsurprisingly, I looked just as disgusting as I felt.

Between the alcohol, the lack of sleep and caking myself in bronzer under the deceptively forgiving lights of the toilets every hour, my skin looked dry, dull and on threatening to break out in a way that would make my thirteen year old-acne phase look good.  

I decided I needed to do something a bit more drastic than my usual cleanse, tone, moisturise routine, but having never had so much as a facial in my life, I wasn’t sure where to start. 

When I looked into Microdermabrasion I was a bit wary, the reviews were completely mixed with some people swearing by the treatment and other people saying their skin felt horrific afterwards. But after catching another glimpse of the hideous creature that seemed to be permanently living in my mirror, I convinced myself that bad reviews were probably written by cranks and booked myself an appointment at Nu cosmetics on Rodney Street.

Before starting the bulk of the treatment, my doctor, June steamed my face for ten minutes – which not only felt amazing, but it literally forced me to relax as I couldn’t stare at my phone or chew her ear off without getting a mouthful of hot steam (#gobbybitchprobs.)

Then came the crystal microdermabrasion, so I braced myself for what I thought was going to feel like someone attacking my face with a floor sander. Quite honestly thought, it doesn’t hurt any more than rubbing your skin with exfoliation mits – and actually, once you get used to the sensation it’s quite a nice feeling.

When I told June that I’d expected it to hurt more, she explained that the steam had a lot to do with making it a nicer experience, which is why NU always includes it as part of the treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, my face was red and shiny and felt really tight – much like when you get sunburnt. So I wouldn’t recommend getting one immediately before an event or a night out. But the redness died down after an hour or so, and I was amazed at not only how much softer and fresher my skin felt, but how much smaller my pores were.

So, if you’re looking for a huge transformation then you’re probably better looking into chemical peels, but if you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up that does the trick of improving the look of your skin immediately, then I’d definitely recommend a microderm – just make sure to be extra vigilant with the sunscreen afterwards!

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