Scouse Bird Problems – My Skincare Saviours

Posted On: 29/01/2017

By: Scouse Bird

When you’re younger, moisturising your skin is kind of important, but it’s not exactly a priority. You can go to bed every night still in your make up and it won’t really affect you (lucky bitch) you’ve still got the natural glow of youth. Then as soon as you hit your mid-twenties, things start to change; waking up in last night’s make up will feel disgusting, un-moisturised skin will feel uncomfortable and of course trying to apply make up to dull, lifeless skin is a bit like polishing a turd. Just don’t even bother.

Over the last couple of years I’ve really gotten into a good skincare routine and it’s actually become a part of the day I really enjoy – and if I miss out on it, I can really notice the difference. Just 5 little minutes, just for me, to have a little pamper and the difference it makes to my skin in unreal.

I’m fortunate enough, with the whole blogging thing, to be able to try a whole variety of products and treatments, and here’s the ones I honestly think are the best I’ve tried.

[I have normal/combination skin FYI]

1. Muslins

Forget babywipes (I know they’re convenient but honestly, ask any MUA, there’s better ways to clean your skin) and forget cotton pads (they go too fast) it’s all about the muslin cloth. As a new mum I was told ‘Muslins, muslins, muslins! You’ll need a fuckload of them, you’ll use them alllll the time.’ You don’t. I literally used them like once and that’s because I was trying to use them, i’ve got about 30 muslins just sitting off in a drawer doing nothing. A damp muslin is perfect for removing make up and face masks though and they’re washable.


Metallic muslins aden & anais

2. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Take it all off’ eye make up remover

It’s brilliant. Just pop a little on the eye area, leave it for about 30 seconds and then your eye make up just slides right off. No eye rubbing, no eye stinging and it doesn’t leave your peepers oily AF for hours either.

3. ‘Don’t look at me’ Lush mask

Face masks have always been a bit too messy for me and for little result. The Lush ‘Don’t look at me’ mask is bright blue (so it’s quite fun), smells amazing and is actually a scrub as well. It leaves your face smelling lovely and best of all, shiney and new and a dream to apply make up to. Traaa dead skin, tra tra traaaa!


4. Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow

This cleansing balm smells like Frangipani flowers and it just feels lovely on the skin, get all my make up off, no fuss. You only have to use a small amount and you can do your whole face no problem.


5. Moisturiser

To be honest, I’ve got a couple of favourites. The Aldi Lacura Caviar range is actaully amazing; perfect consistency, not oily and leaves your face feeling soft and lovely. Sheilas Cream from is only a tiny brand but it smells absolutely gorgeous and it’s 100% vegan and organic – it’s a little bit more expensive but it’s definitely worth it as a treat.


Learn to think of taking your make up off and moisturising as a treat rather than a chore and your skin will definitely thank you for it – I’m always getting people saying what good skin I have. And as the wonderful Old Scouse Bird once said ‘every night that you don’t take your make up off is a new wrinkle that’ll hit you on your 30th birthday’ so consider yourself warned.


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