Pink Glitter Eye 10 Step Tutorial with The Scouse Bird Salon

Everyone loves a pink smoky eye, especially when you add glitter. Laura, the senior makeup artist in the Scouse Bird Salon has taken the time to show us in 10 easy steps how you can get it right and she’s only used two eyeshadows to create this pink glitter eye! The bright pink from the morphe 35b palette and a pink NYX glitter. She’s used two brands there that are famous for being great value for money so it’s not a look that’ll cost you a fortune either. Nice.

I’ve since recreated this pink glitter eye look on myself at home and I can confirm it is exactly as easy as it looks. I normally stick with neutrals because you know where you’re at with neutrals right? But now, just after watching this video back and seeing what she actually did, I can now knock out a full colour smoke in minutes.

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