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Sundays can be depressing. You’re tired, you’re hungover (probably) and Monday keeps trying to slide into your DM’s with its unsolicited micro penis dick pics. I’ve reclaimed Sunday nights and now they’re one of my favourite parts of the week. I practise Sunday night self care and it’s the perfect way to set yourself up for a fabulous week. It’s all about decadence.

Every Sunday after I put Cora to bed and put the husband on the Playstation I have some dedicated, no interruptions please, me time. And it’s fit. I’m going to share it with you because I honestly think everyone should be doing it and we’d probably achieve world peace.

  • First things first let’s lay some groundwork. Before I do anything, I get some fresh bed sheets on. I usually engage in some light emotional blackmail or bribery with my husband before he’s packed off to go on the Playstation for the night and make him do it. Something like, “If you change the sheets for me then you can go on the PS all night and I’ll leave you alone.” OR “Awww babe, I thought we were spending the night together and you’re leaving me to go on the Playstation.” Then when he asks what he can do to make it up to me I just hand him the new bedding. Then I’ll get him to throw a cup of tea in to sweeten the deal. Truth is, the joke’s on him, I want him to fuck off for the night anyway. Mwahahahahaha.
  • I shampoo my hair first (at the moment I’m loving Hairburst) and then throw on a conditioning treatment and tie it back and leave it. Pro tip – get an extra day out of your hair by not putting conditioner near your roots – just the ends.
  • Then I use a facial wash and my to deep clean and lightly exfoliate all the dead skin off.
  • Once that’s done, it’s face mask time. I don’t have a particular one that I use religiously, I tend to change it up but a couple I really like are The Kiehls dead sea one, the Charlotte Tilbury baby skin one and the Epoch dead sea mud. I also picked up a pot of mud from my recent Infrared Sauna spa visit and that’s lovely too – one of those proper vintage green mud ones that your mum used to have. I apply it with an old makeup brush, one because it feels fancy and two it means I don’t get it all under my acrylics.

  • While the conditioner and face masks do their thing I do a full body shave – I absolutely detest buying razors and always end up using a blunt one that’s been going for months and cutting myself to ribbons so I got a lecky one for Christmas and it’s absolutely fantastic. Even does your woo. Would bang.
  • Then I’ll indulge myself in a game of Soda Crush – Candy Crush’s slightly less annoying sister app. It’s my guilty pleasure. I got into it when I was pregnant and couldn’t drink or do anything remotely fun and now I can’t stop.
  • After the bath water starts to go cold I gently take the face mask off using a muslin cloth (far better than baby wipes for your skin and better for the environment because it’s washable). Then I rinse my hair off with COLD water – honest to god, it closes all the cuticles and makes your hair dead shiny.
  • I moisturise my skin next – my favourite body lotion I got this year is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star. It smells like biscuits – good ones, not fake tan ones.
  • Then I take a couple of minutes to dry my hair off with the new Dyson. This is a relatively new addition to the routine as pre-Dyson I could never be arsed to dry my hair so I always used to let it dry naturally.


  • Next it’s face time. The makes whatever moisturising products you use like 100 times more effective or something so I pop that on first, followed by my new Pixi Beauty Rose Caviar Essence which smells just as good as it sounds. I’m talking about reaching new heights of luxury here.
  • Then I climb into those fresh bed sheets (SEE! PREPARATION IS KEY FOR SUNDAY NIGHT SELF CARE) and pop on whatever I happen to be binge-watching at this particular moment. Radio down (text) to husband for a fresh cup of tea in my favourite mug (honestly, he’s a good egg) and have it with a diet friendly bar of chocolate (a Freddo or one of those thin Dairy Milks is perfect) so then I’ve had a Sunday night treat but then I also don’t loathe myself afterwards for pigging out.

Find me a more perfect Sunday night self care routine. I’ll wait.


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