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No one wants yellow peggies. My aspiration is to have teeth as white as Ross from friends in THAT episode, however, short of using domestos as mouthwash or getting horrendous veneers a la Rylan I doubt that’s ever going to happen.

Back in the day I used to get 35% bleach peroxide from ebay for a fiver and my god it was amazing, lifted those teeth right up! However it’s kind of a bit illegal in the UK now as it destroys your gums so I haven’t been able to get hold of any for years. I’ve been using the teeth whitening trays from Btox Clinics for a while now which are 6% bleach I think? They do work but it’s a gradual whitening process and for the same reason why I’d be no good on the pill (I’m forgetful and forget to do it daily) my gnashers aren’t where I want them to be. I also lost one of my trays and dilly dallied (ay that’s something you haven’t heard from anyone except your nan isn’t it?) about getting a new one so we’ve ended up a couple of weeks before my hols and I need a quick fix.

Enter Suresmiles. Me and me fella (yes a new one, keep up) went to see the larger than life Maxzine who is passionately anti bleach and pro blue light technology. The offer at the time was £30 instead of £80, bargain.

We were a little dubious when we turned up as Maxzine works out of her house which I didn’t know beforehand BUT within 2 minutes of being there we were made to feel welcome and at home. It was just unexpected. She did a shade test on us both on her peg chart, he was a 24 & 26 (smoker, tut) and I was an 8 & 12 (already pretty white). The treatment took about an hour each and afterward she did a shade test on us again and he had lifted to a 14 (10-12 shades!) and I had lifted to a 2 which is the lightest shade on her chart and the lightest she’d ever had. Yes that’s right, I won at teeth whitening.


The next 48hrs we could only eat white food and drink while the teeth ‘closed’ which was a little bit of a pain but not horrendous. All in all we’re both made up with the results and for £30 you can’t really argue.



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