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Believe it or not, it’s actually officially spring. As soon as those clocks change it’s ‘Bye Bye winter’ and ‘Hello British Summertime’ Lol. I wouldn’t actually be shocked if it snowed in July this year but even if the weather is an arsehole, we can always prepare for the best. With that in mind, here are 5 spring essentials that every girl needs to welcome in the sunshine.

A statement dress

You could go with florals, I mean, it is spring after all, florals are always a safe bet. However, if you fancy a cute, light spring dress with a bit of a twist then stripes are everywhere this year – particularly in green.

This striped dress from Very (£38) hits so many trend points it almost hurts (stripes, emerald green, ruffles) and it could easily be ‘too much’ except it’s not. It’s amazing.

Team it with this green blazer from River Island (£60) OR even go wild with something in shocking pink?



You don’t need a reason to love wearing sunglasses (and if you do then by all means check out my 20 excuses to wear sunglasses blog), they’re great for perving, for hiding in to and from the gym when you’re make up less and generally for making you feel a millions times more fabulous than baseline fab.

A vintage cat eye is both striking and flattering and boy do I have some gorgeous variations of this. The Chloe was our most popular frame of 2017 and she returns in 2018 fabber than ever and joined by her sexy sisters; Hannah & Grace.

Light jacket

Spring is a funny one – the weather can go either way. You can either leave the house in a big winter coat because it’s freezing and then end up sweating your tiny tits off when the sun comes out OR the exact opposite. A light jacket is safe because you’ll avoid the tiny chills and the overheating.

This statement fringe biker from Missguided is a “WOAH HOLY FUCK STOP RIGHT NOW YOU ARE HAWWWWT” statement piece and the subtle blush colour means it’ll go with most things so on a cost per wear basis it’s practically free. Comes in a whole rainbow of colours.

Spray Tan

It’s not hot enough to sunbathe and most of us still have a couple of months until we get 2 weeks of sunning ourselves on a bright white beach so you know what they say… fake it until you make it. NO SUNBEDS ALLOWED GIRLS. Skinny Tan is my absolute favourite tan of all time and I’m pleased to announce that the spray tans offered in the Scouse Bird Salon (opening April 2018) will be Skinny Tan. You can have that gorgeous holiday brown glow all year round (not a shade of orange in sight).


Long live the block heel, may it stay around for years to come. From sandals to shoe boots, the block heel adds height, fierceness and comfort to your kicks. These are some fab ones we consider to be one of our 5 spring essentials.

Rose gold barely there:

Nude wrap heels:

Weave shoe boot:

Tropical print sandal:

Spring has sprung ladies – kind of. Enjoy! What are your 5 spring essentials?


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