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Posted On: 15/05/2015

By: Scouse Bird

It’s been a few years now since my Nan died and I still miss her every day. I never realised, until she had gone, just how much of an effect she’d had on my life. Nothing huge, it’s all the little things like what milk I like to use, how I peel potatoes, the fact I still count magpies and do the ‘one for sorrow, one for joy’ rhyme EVERY time I see them or that I make scrambled eggs in a mug in the microwave. These are all little quirks passed down from the legend that was Rose. I even feel a bit emotional writing this, that’s the funny thing about grief isn’t it? It comes over you when you least expect it.

As the only daughter of a daughter in our family her rings passed to me. Her wedding ring was unfortunately lost when she went into a care home towards the end and due to her dementia (absolutely vile condition by the way, the worst) the only sense we could get out of her was that she’d taken it off and given it to her twin. She’s never had a twin. Anyway, I got her engagement and eternity rings and I always wear them so that I can feel close to her.

There was just one problem, they weren’t my style. Yellow gold in a vintage 60’s style might work for some, but on me they looked totally out of place. I decided to get them re-made into something a bit more me. I’d still have the raw materials which were once worn by my Nan but it would be very much my jewellery.

Wongs Jewellers in town are a family run business and they design all of their jewellery in house. I got chatting to the manager one day when I was looking at their Ti Siento rings and i asked about my Nan’s rings. They explained that they had loads of options, they could plate the yellow gold with white, they could add diamonds, combine the two rings into one… whatever I wanted. I explained the sort of styles I liked to Jenny, the designer, and left my rings in their capable hands.

A couple of weeks later I went back in and she took me through several designs, all in the Marquis shape which I preferred and all in white gold. We decided on a brand new white gold setting rather than plating the yellow gold and just took my Nan’s engagement diamond. The eternity ring only had imitation diamonds in which had become wrecked over the years so we added in a couple of small diamonds to set the main one off.

I am so happy with the ring now and I’ve even got my Nan’s gold to make something else out of, I haven’t decided what yet.

If you’ve got a piece of jewellery which has sentimentl value but just isn’t you, give Wong’s a visit and see what they can conjure up…


Scouse Bird

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