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I had such an amazing Saturday – not only did I get to drop Cora off at my mother in laws and re-enact this meme:

When you drop the kids off at the grandparents

I also got to go to not one, but two fabulous events. The Very Christmas Partywear launch and the Owen Drew candle Christmas range launch.

Here’s my video diary for the day and underneath I’ve added direct links in to the items I speak about…

Where to buy my outfit on the day

Obviously, with Very being my favourite shop ever and with it being a Very event, I was repping in head to toe.

  1. Blue Velvet coat – I absolutely adore blue velvet, it just looks so expensive. I just need the matching Gucci Marmont bag so if anyone wants to buy me it…. address in on the contact us page hahahaa.
  2. Burgundy ruffle top – words cannot describe how gorgeous and fancy this is. It’s the perfect ‘nice top’ to go with jeans.
  3. Embroidered skirt – Just amazing, I’ve worn this to death already!
  4. Suede ankle boots – If I could give anyone any advice for winter, it’s invest in a pair of black suede ankle boots. You will live and die in them.

Where to buy the Very Christmas Partywear Pieces

Where to buy Owen Drew

You can buy directly from his website.

Where to get dat ass shake

Sorry, can’t buy that rhythm


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