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Posted On: 06/12/2013

By: Scouse Bird

Onesies were a slow burner. You either loved them or loathed them and at first most people loathed them. Gradually one by one people began buying ‘novelty’ onesies ‘as a joke’ and after finding how incredibly warm and comfy they are the oversized babygro’s have wormed their way into our hearts and are showing no signs of going anywhere.

One thing I cannot bear is the cheap fleece Primark onesies, they just don’t do it for me at all. Give me a thick jersey onesie anyday. I had a fleece primark one once and the legs were about 3 feet too long (and I’m 5’10″), it had no pockets (why god, why?) and it developed a hole in the crotch after about 2 washes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The original people to launch the onesie were Norwegian company Onepiece. The prices aren’t for the fainthearted, you won’t find any £12 fleecey crap here, these are LUXURY onesies. I thought sure, how luxury can a onesie be? But oh my god, they’re fantastic, pockets everywhere, warm without being sweaty, perfectly sized limbs, no camel toe – everything a girl could ask for in a onesie. I got a pink one for myself (naturally)  and a navy one for the man friend in my life…and I haven’t asked him, but lately I’ve been living and dyin in mine.

The generous people at Onepiece know how we love a good onesie and to tempt you away from Primark and into the world of the designer onesie (which you will never return from) they’re offering everyone 15% off – perfect for Xmas presents. Just use 32SCOUSEBIRD at the checkout.

Here’s Harry Styles in a onesie for a bit of cougar eye candy.


Scouse Bird


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