Scouse Bird Problems – The Consquences Of Wearing Ripped Jeans

Posted On: 05/11/2015

By: Charlotte Nightingale

Ripped jeans have become increasingly popular over the last year. They look great paired with stilettos and a striking shirt but they also look great in the more casual way with a pair of trainers (or ‘trainees’ if you’re Scouse).

They can range from a small slit in both knees to having so many holes that there’s barely any jean remaining, apart from the bit around your crotch and the denim framing your bare skin.

We love them so much we’re willing to put up with a few consequences – if you’ve never before ‘dared to bare’ in some distressed denim then here’s what you might have to deal with…

  • Attracting pricks! If you own a pair of ripped jeans you will be sick of men (mainly middle aged) shouting/commenting on your choice of attire, saying things like “I’ve got a needle and thread that will sort them holes out”, “did you know you have holes in your jeans?” and “have you fallen over to make them holes?!”
  • Goosebumps never hurt anybody- Living in England means our seasons are bit hit and miss; we have non-stop rain in July and a heat wave in October. The English are a big fan of a good old fashioned pair of jeans but now that we’ve replaced our old jeans with holed jeans we refuse to stop wearing them in the cold, even if that means our entire bottom halves are covered in Goosebumps.
  • The Decision: Pay Extra for the Rips or Attack your Old Pair of Jeans? We’ve all had the temptation, “Those ripped jeans looks sound but I’m a few weeks off pay day…” Beware, a DIY job stand out a mile off.
  • Putting your Foot in it – Getting ripped jeans on is a perilous task, one false move and that artistic little rip becomes a huge gash, all thanks to your clumsy trotters.
  • Stock up on the Fake Bake and Gillet – one of the good things about winter and/or jeans is that we don’t have to keep on top of shaving our legs and applying our fake tan. A rigorous tanning and shaving regime is a high price to pay for fashion…

Here’s our pick of 5 of the best ripped jeans on the high street at the moment

River Island (at Very) – £45

South (at Very) – £29

Lea boyfriend jeans (at Boohoo) – £25

Sara mum jeans (at Boohoo) – £18


Noisy May (at ASOS) acid wash jeans – £38



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