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It’s 2019, eBay’s been around for as long as most of us can remember so I’m pretty positive that 99% of you know exactly how to list an item on there – however not everyone knows how to do it well and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you…

Ebay is a fantastic way to make a little bit of extra money for yourself AND it’s kinder to the environment because it means your unwanted clothes aren’t going to landfill, they’re going off to be worn by someone else – one woman’s trash is another’s treasure and all that.

Some people have jumped ship from eBay to Depop and I’ll be honest, I gave it a whirl but eBay is just the one – they have strict guidelines, dashboards, feedback and protection in place to make sure either the buyer or the seller isn’t being had off and unfortunately Depop can’t come anywhere near to that. Plus stuff on Depop could sit there for months before it sells whereas on eBay, your stuff is pretty much guaranteed to sell within the 7 day auction period. Another option soon to come to the UK is Micolet  – it’s a Spanish company and they take your clothes and photograph and list them so you don’t have to. You can’t sell on it from the UK at the moment but you can deffo buy and shop for bargains from all the well loved high street brands.

There is an art to selling on eBay though, I’ve been honing my eBay craft for years and I finally think I have it down to a tee so here’s my eBay do’s and don’ts:

  • DO invest in a mannequin. If you’re selling clothes, lying them on your creased Primark bedding or hanging them on a door in a poorly lit room isn’t gonna get people parting with any more than 99p for your gorgeous £50 River Island dress. I bought mine about 10 years ago (I call her Maud) and I swear to god she’s paid for herself hundreds of time over in extra bids. People want to see what the clothes might look like on them, not laid out flat.


  • DO use a photographers trick. So, you’ve bought your mannequin and it’s the standard size 8-10, but you’re selling clothes that are a 14-16 so they look a bit baggy and your potential buyers still can’t see how they would fit when worn. Get a hair clamp and cinch it in at the back (not too much) so that bidders can see how it actually sits when worn. All magazines/fashion companies use this trick on photoshoots. Saw it on ANTM.
  • DON’T take your photos in bad lighting. For the love of god, just don’t. If your photos are dark and gloomy and you can’t see the colours properly then you’re just throwing money away. Make sure you’re near a window with natural lighting. Hell, even take the photos outside if need be. You can even use a ring light for some extra help!


  • DON’T be afraid to edit your photos. Again, all photographers edit their photos. I’m not talking about Facetuning out rips or stains, I’m talking about lighting. The in app photo editor on eBay is awful, so don’t use that. Adobe Lightroom or even Facetune are great apps to adjust your lighting and make the colours pop – just don’t overdo it. You want the items to actually look as they do in real life.
  • DON’T hang your stuff on the back of a door. I’ve told you, get a mannequin. It’s my top tip for a reason. Although if you must take them on the back of a door, try and make it a nice door, not one that’s all yellow or with a big hole in it. Crack den chic doesn’t sell clothes. Use a nice hanger as well.
  • DO style your photos. Make sure you have a cute background, don’t be afraid to add accessories to your mannequin – for example, if you’re putting a skirt on your Maud, then add a necklace to break up the huge expanse of white space on her chest.
  • DO use a good camera. Ok we don’t all have SLR cameras but if you do, use it – the background blur looks amazing and professional and your items will just pop. Failing that, a good phone camera will do the trick – the iPhone or Huawei portrait mode is good for getting the SLR look from a smartphone.


  • DON’T forget to mention any imperfections. If your clothes have a small hole or stain then make sure you mention it or they’ll be winging their way back to you via the eBay buyer protection program. If you DO mention them and the buyer hasn’t read it then eBay will side with you in any disputes.
  • DO make sure you post on time, good feedback is important and yano, don’t be a dick and leave people waiting ages for their stuff. 
  • DON’T be afraid to promote your eBay stuff on your socials, the more people who see it, the more bidders and money you’ll attract. Speaking of which, here’s my eBay page, I have big sales on there all the time.

That’s it! Happy eBaying!



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