Scouse Bird Problems – 10 Things You Need For A Hygge AF Night in.

Posted On: 02/01/2017

By: Scouse Bird

The wind may blow your eyelashes off, and the rain turn your hair into a frizzball, but Winter doesn’t half get a bad rap. Not only can you hide your flab in multiple layers (“Am I fat or just wearing a big coat? Who knows?”) and swerve shaving your legs until the Spring, you can also use the darker nights to ditch the heels, be anti social and have yourself a cosy (or as the cool kids are calling it these days – hygge) night in.

So clear the calender, nip the shop for the essentials and have some serious relax time.

10 Things You Need For A Hygge AF Night In.

1. Fluffy Socks & Slippers

Like Drake, let’s start at the bottom – your toes. If you’ve got cold feet then it’s going to be pretty hard to feel cosy so get prepared; whether you wanna grab a pair of fluffy slipper socks from by the till at Primark or you wanna go full on luxury with some Ugg slippers, getting your feet feeling like they’re on cloud 9 is where you wanna start.

2. Pyjamas

A nice pair of PJ’s, or ‘lounge wear’ if you’re feeling fancy, is a must. Have a read of our Xmas PJ’s guide here and make sure you’re decked out in the comfiest winter jarmies you can get your hands on. After all, you’re not going to want to be sat in jeans in front of the TV when you’re stuffing your face – you’re going to want those loose, elasticated waistbands to ensure you have enough room for all the food you’re going to be enjoying.

3. Throws

Say what you want about winter but it produces some serious good throw game. If you can’t get your hands on the latest chunky knits or mermaid blankets then Aldi have these absolutely amazing fur and nordic knit throws. Grab yourself a bottle of prosecco as well why you’re in there and thank me later. Aldi is bae.

4. Trash Tv

Ok so maybe you don’t have your own Netflix subscription, but beg, borrow, steal or even hack into your ex’s – binge watching your way through a boss new series til the small hours is the only way to do it.

Pro Tip: If you are going to use your ex’s account, be careful what you’re watching eh? Maybe leave the binge viewing of the new series of Crazy Ex Girlfriend until you’ve got your own account. Have some dignity. 

5. Book

Kindles are a boss little space saver in the suitcase while you’re on holiday sure, but sometimes you can’t beat the feel and smell of a real actual book. Plus, you’ll get far more likes on Instagram when you upload that aesthically pleasing book with your hot chocolate, throw and candle in shot too.


6. Pamper Kits

Don’t just have a normal bath with your Asda bubble bath, you can do that any night of the week. Treat yo’self! You can drop some serious dough in your local Lush, try these amazing luxury snow algae facemasks from Timeless Truth (they’re the ones which are like a sheet with eye hole cut outs that make you look like ironman), bring back the feel of Xmas with frankincense & rose bath salts (if it’s good enough for the Baby Jee then it’s good enough for me), or even get you a kit that can do both with this basket full of goodies from 7th heaven (£9.99) – bath time is sacred time so tell your fella he’ll just have to hold his poo in for an hour or two because he ain’t coming near the bathroom…


7. Junk Food

Like I said, Winter is the time to hide your flab under those wonderful deceiving layers. What’s the point of working out and being skinny when you’ll never be showing off your figure anyway? Go nuts….in fact, don’t just go nuts, go nutella, crisps, chocolate and a Dominos while you’re at it….

8. Hot Drinks

Get you a professional milk frother and these double walled glass mugs by Judge and not only will you be able to whip up a Starbucks level coffee or hot chocolate but even if you forget to drink it, the double walled mugs keep your drink hotter for waaaaaay longer than a normal mug.


9. Candles

Nothing sets the mood like a scented candle. Landon Tyler have these gorgeous luxury scented candles and diffusers which are a bit more classy than your average “Christmas Tree” or “Apple Cinnamon Spice” candles that get wheeled out by every candle manufacturer at this time of year. Winter Woods & Golden Amber are particularly fit and will last you right through til spring. A candle is for winter, not just for Xmas.

10. Bed

In an ideal world we’d all have a portable bed that we could take to any room in the house… hell even to the office if I’m honest. While that might be frowned upon in a work environment you can get boss airbeds now that a) don’t deflate after 0.2 seconds of putting them up and b) actually look and feel like a real bed. We’re huge fans of the divan airbeds since trying one out glamping; not only can you turn your living room into a bedroom in minutes, but it’s a perfect investment for a guestroom. It can be a bedroom when you want it to be and a make up and dressing room at all other times 😉  The Aerobed Ultra divan (John Lewis) is the ultimate pimped out temporary bed. Just look how pleased with herself this stock photo woman is – she’s hygge AF.

Enjoy your night in!


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