Scouse Bird Problems – The kitchen FAB list

Posted On: 10/05/2017

By: Scouse Bird

Fashion isn’t just for your figure. What’s a princess without her palace? If you fancy revamping your kitchen but don’t want to spend the earth then just give it a lick of paint and accessorise away. Here’s some gorgeous items I found to give it an instant glam-over

The kitchen glam list


Campbells Soup Warhol light shade – £9.99 each


Record player glass chopping board – £15.30 by Joseph Joseph – honest to god all the JJ designs are amazing


Retro table mats – £10.79 for a set of 4. These’ll even have you eating at the table instead of in front of the TV


Wall decals – you either love them or hate them. Hate them? Stop wining, they’re fab. This one is ONLY 88p INC DELIVERY!!


Speaking of wine, this crystal bottle stopper almost makes me want to save some wine. I said almost. Only £3.50


Coffee time is so much more interesting when you’ve got a lace clock. Who said doilies were just for nans? You can get this for £32.55

Speaking of coffee time… you can’t have your tea and coffee in anything other than a Sassy Bird mug right? Only £9.99 from the Sassy Bird shop.


I actually bought this bowl from Utility years ago, and while it has healthy connotations it’s usually used for crisps and popcorn. – the fab bowl is £10.44


What could possibly convince you to wear an apron more than a fab pin up design? Get it for £11.70 delivered

Love pink? Why stop with a pink kettle when you can get a toaster too? On Sundays we eat carbs. The set is £54.95. Fab.

Enjoy the kitchen, after all, it’s where we belong eh girls? 😉


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