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It seems that despite our better judgement, we as a gender, still seemed to be obsessed with getting a thigh gap. Here’s a cheats guide to getting a thigh gap, right now*

*For those sensitive souls who can’t detect sarcasm. DON’T try these at home.

1 – Wrap cling film around each thigh. Stop once feet begin to tingle and you feel like you want to vomit.

2 – Attempt to crawl everywhere in a crab like position. Put your faith in gravity.

3- Develop rickets/wear ridiculous shoes. (The shoes option is probably a quicker fix.) The resulting bow-leggedness will create the illusion of leaner meaner thighs.

4- Walk round with a tin of beans down your kecks.

5 – Return to the 90’s an invest in a thigh master.



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