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Right ok, so you’ve met your Mr. Perfect. The lad you’ve told all your mates and family about because you think this one could actually be the one to prove your theory wrong that ALL. LADS. ARE. GOBSHITES. Tall? Check. Good looking? Check. Funny? Check. Broke up with his girlfriend within the last 6 months? Ahhh… check. But an ex is an ex for a reason, right? Well… here’s 7 signs that, sorry hun, you’re a rebound.

You’re so much fun!

He repeatedly tells you how “fun” you are and how it’s like dating your best mate because no matter where you go, you have a ball. He says he never had this much fun with his ex and the relationship was boring. MASSIVE HINT: YOU ARE ONLY A BIT OF FUN AFTER A BAD BREAK UP. This sounds like a compliment but it screams rebound.


He mentions the dreaded phrase “friends with benefits” and thinks you’ll be perfectly ok with it. HAHA. Think again, lad. You’re no Justin Timberlake, and even he falls in love with Mila Kunis at the end of the film so what are you trying to achieve? He says he’s not ready for another relationship yet but he “really likes you” and wants to carry on seeing you, but strictly nothing serious. It’s ok though because you think you’ll be able to change his mind. Guess what? You’re being used to get over his ex. Classic rebound sign.

Playing hide the rebound

He’s very, VERY wary about being seen with you in public. This could be one of two things: 1) He’s still hung up on his ex and is planning to get back with her after having you as his “bit of fun” on their break. He obviously doesn’t want it to get back to her that he’s seeing someone new, because that will ruin his plan of getting her back. He DEFINITELY doesn’t want to bump into her with a girl on his arm because she knows all of his cousins and you’re definitely not one of them. Or 2) He doesn’t want to bump into anyone he knows with you because then it looks serious between you two (God forbid) rather than what it actually is – a rebound.

“Ooooo you lurrrrrve me”

He’s adamant you’ve caught feelings for him. He’s playing hard to get and jokes about you “wanting to be his girlfriend”. Hun, no. Climb out of your massive egotistical arse and stop playing games. He’s so used to being in love, things get serious between you quickly but of course you can’t label it. He’s finding it hard to learn boundaries again and doesn’t understand the beginning part of dating someone as he’s so used to being comfortable with his long term ex.

0-60 in record time

The relationship is moving really fast, yet somehow really slow at the same time. Within weeks, you’re spending every day in each other’s pockets. When you’re not together, you’re texting 24/7. What’s strange though is even though you spend all this time together, you’ve barely gotten to know him or anything about his life and there’s a massive lack of commitment. He’s either overly lovable and amazing, or just completely empty – (probably because he’s thinking about his ex). At the end of the day, you’re just filling the void of his ex.

I stalk because I care…

He’s clearly not over his ex. He’s still got photos of them together on his phone, or he talks about her 24/7. He still follows her on Instagram and loves keeping an eye on what she’s up to. AN EX IS AN EX FOR A REASON! It should be a clear sign if he’s came out of a long term 4 year relationship and is able to be with someone else a month or two later, you’re just a distraction. He’s so used to being with someone, he wants someone to spend time with yet still be single. This. Is. Because. You’re. A. Rebound.

“I just need to find myself”

He doesn’t really know what he wants to do in life, except he’s got this sudden new massive admiration for travelling; so beware of sudden romantic city breaks and travel plans just weeks into your relationship. After a breakup, it’s hard to imagine life without your ex, so he wants to start fresh and see new things. It’s pretty clear he hasn’t had the time to find out who he is yet without her.

You are too good for this shiz gurrrrl

So, girls, if you’ve just started dating Mr. Perfect who you think is too good to be true, it more than likely definitely is too good to be true. If any of these signs ring a bell to you, please get rid of him. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most amazing girl in the world, make you start to fall for him, then all of a sudden (when you’ve helped him get over his ex) will drop you like you were nothing. Don’t let someone make you their rebound – you’re so much better than that – girl power. And, if he does end up getting back with his ex, just wish him well with his boring, missionary sex fuelled relationship he constantly complained about to you. Boy, bye.


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