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As I’ve said before, there are some things you only know if you’ve ever joined Slimming World (like you’re the only fucker who’s ever heard of Quark and you’ll quite happily try to pass off a walk to the offy for prosecco as body magic).

While you’re first starting out it can be a bit of a minefield getting your head around free food and speed food and healthy extras all all that BUT it really does teach you how to have a better relationship with food. You’ll fall in love with cooking everything from scratch (because you don’t really have much of choice tbh) and seeing what inventions and junk food alternatives you can make out of nothing more than caulifower, a spice rack and hope.

There are certain thing you can buy to make life that little bit easier when it comes to cooking, because let’s face it, we’re all too busy to spend hours in the kitchen and can be tempted to make dead easy convenience food that quickly turns boring and then even more quickly turns into phoning a Dominos.

3Kitchen Scales

It’s all well and good to have 30g of cereal as a healthy extra but have you actually seen how small a portion 30g is? I was shocked and appalled. Weighing your syns and healthy extras is so so important because if you’re a fat fuck such as myself, then you’ll have no idea what an actual real person portion is supposed to look like. It’s dead handy when you’re making cakes as well (no really, you can totally make cakes). I got this ‘carrot cake’ recipe off the absolute babe Jennifer Ginley who lost over 9st doing Slimming World and let me tell you, it’s been a lifesaver.

  • 40g oats (HE B)
  • 2 eggs (free)
  • A grated carrot (speed)
  • Half a tub of Grahams Vanilla Quark (just under 2 syns, but call it 2)
  • Cinnamon to taste (free)
  • A couple of levels tsps of sweetener (free as long as you don’t go overboard)
  • Vanilla food flavouring (free) – this wasn’t part of her recipe but I like to add it.

Mix the ingredients together, spoon into frylighted tins/ramekins then pop in the oven at 180 degress for about half an hour or until golden. Then I like to use another spoonful of the vanilla quark as a ‘carrot cake style’ icing.

These sleek black gloss Nutritab electric scales from Terrallion ensure you have total accuracy, they look amazing in the kitchen and you can even link them up to the Wellness Coach app on your phone and record absolutely everything you’ve eaten that day and quantities. How smart is that?


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