8 Things That Make Doing Slimming World 10x Easier

As I’ve said before, there are some things you only know if you’ve ever joined Slimming World (like you’re the only fucker who’s ever heard of Quark and you’ll quite happily try to pass off a walk to the offy for prosecco as body magic).

While you’re first starting out it can be a bit of a minefield getting your head around free food and speed food and healthy extras all all that BUT it really does teach you how to have a better relationship with food. You’ll fall in love with cooking everything from scratch (because you don’t really have much of choice tbh) and seeing what inventions and junk food alternatives you can make out of nothing more than caulifower, a spice rack and hope. Keeping a food diary definitely helps get your head round it all which is why I designed one after following SW – but let’s assume you already have one because this post isn’t about that.

There are certain thing you can buy to make life that little bit easier when it comes to cooking, because let’s face it, we’re all too busy to spend hours in the kitchen and can be tempted to make dead easy convenience food that quickly turns boring and then even more quickly turns into phoning a Dominos.

1A slow cooker

This is an actual life saver. Cut up some veg and meat and throw in stock and spices before bed, turn it on low before you leave for work and then you come home to a melt in the mouth, perfectly cooked Scouse – ditto goes for chilli con carne, pulled pork, you name it. The Vonshef 8 in 1 multi cooker is perfect because it’s massive so if you’ve got the whole family to feed it’s not a problem OR you can make loads of extra portions to freeze (a Slimming World pro tip right there). There’s also a wire rack shelf for roasting meat – get you a slow cooker than can do both.


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