Scouse Bird Problems – 9 Crappy Realities Of Being In Your Mid-Twenties

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Posted On: 26/01/2016

By: Claire Cavanagh

Last year I turned 25 years old, which seems really ridiculous considering my 18th feels like it was about two weeks ago. While most of the time I don’t feel (or act) like I’m beyond my teenage years, there are some things that are a constant reminder of the fact that I am in fact now a bona fide adult. Or in my mid-twenties, which is kind of, almost, the same thing. Here is some of the crap I now have to deal with…

  • Still getting spots but also having to worry about wrinkles. Wasn’t there meant to be a few years of just good skin in between these hells?
  • Not knowing who every single celebrity is anymore or how they became famous. What exactly is a Shawn Mendez?

Who are you??

  • Having to learn how to say a sincere ‘congratulations!’ when someone my age tells me they’re pregnant, when inside I’m still thinking ‘Oh my god, how are you going to tell your mum?!’
  • Not being sure if I can still pull off younger fashion. Do these trainers look cool, or do I look like a mum helping out on a school trip?
  • Realising my favourite songs are now about ten years old. Why won’t this club play Smack That or Tipsy?

  • Not being the youngest at work anymore. I used to be the young, free and single one at work; now I work with a 21 year old who makes me feel about 40 when he’s out getting drunk both nights of the weekend and I’m at home watching Ninja Warrior (and enjoying it).
  • The knowledge that there are now LOADS of celebrities who are younger and more successful than me. And not just Disney starlets anymore, but real actual adults like Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne.
  • Being really good at small talk. I now come out with things my younger self would never have said, like “The sky looks ready to snow” and “Easter’s early this year, isn’t it?”
  • Not being able to handle hangovers anymore. I used to go to Sixth Form and uni with 3 hours sleep and vodka seeping out of my pores; now I still feel weird 3 days later. It almost makes drinking not worth it anymore. Almost. 


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