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If there’s one thing Aldi excel at, it’s creating amazing dupe products. Whoever works in their packaging department deserves a medal, because you can take one look at something and know exactly which big brand it’s ‘supposed’ to be while also looking completely difference. It’s almost like a weird case of deja vu that you can’t quite place. Here’s what I personally think are Aldi’s best dupes.

Lacura concealer pen (YSL Touche Eclat dupe)

Let’s start with the real OG. This is the first product I can remember everyone getting excited about – this is when Aldi’s beauty range started getting some street cred – their Lacura concealer pen AKA a YSL Touche Eclat dupe. Touche Eclat, retailing at £25.50 is an under eye brightening concealer pen and it was a beauty revolution, everyone went crazy for it. Me, I prefer something a bit more heavy duty to cover the black holes I have under my eyes but it’s fab as a little pick me up. However, Aldi’s Lacura pen (available in several shades) is just as good, just as brightening and just as pretty and looks just enough like it that you know exactly what it is – but at £3.59 it has a much more attractive price point.

Slimwell ready meals (Slimming World dupes)

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m not actually following Slimming World anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Slimming World for all that it’s helped me achieve, it’s just not right for me at the moment, plus there is one massive thing I really hate about the Slimming World mafia (but you can read more about that here). Currently you won’t find Aldi’s Slimwell meals on Syns Online because SW head office are still fighting with them and they’re a spiteful bunch so whether you count their meals as ‘free’ or not is up to you. They’re all really low in points on Weightwatchers  – this info is readily available because WW know how to play nice with other brands. Either way, the meals are fit, the portions are good and at £1.99 they’re a quid cheaper than the official Iceland Slimming World meals.

Dairyfine Spirals (Kinder Bueno dupe)

I couldn’t create a list of Aldi’s best dupes without a nod to these bad boys. You can’t get a customer milkshake these days without them sticking a bueno in it and for very good reason; they are muy muy bueno. So this is just Kinder Buenos – BUT ALDI! They come in 3 flavours; chocolate, coconut and the traditional hazelnut. Honest to god, you can’t tell the different. Amazing.

Lacura Charcoal Face Mask  (Glamglow dupe)

Glamglow stuff is amazing, this is something we know. Their underage cream can cure any bad night’s sleep and their facemasks all seem to come with some magic ingredient that makes you feel energised and amazing but at £40 a tub, that magic doesn’t come cheap. The Lacura Charcoal mud mask however is only £5.99 and the creamy minty loveliness DOES leave your skin feeling magically amazing soooo….

Lacura Caviar Range (La Prairie dupe)

Here we are back on the Lacura graft but honestly, Aldi’s beauty range is the dogs danglies. I featured the Lacura Caviar range in a Christmas Gift guide in 2016 because their caviar range is a dupe of the famous La Prairie range which retails at around £300 as opposed to Aldi’s couple of quid. That sort of saving brings a tear to my eye, it’s so beautiful.

Lungo coffee pods (Nespresso dupe)

I recently bought a Nespresso machine and since then I absolutely refuse to drink peasant coffee. That’s anything in granule form btw. The thing is, Nespresso pods cost an arm and a leg (coffee should be like men: rich and like women: expensive) but enter Aldi with their Lungo pods so now you can have that posh coffee AND save loads of dough. Like an angel. In fact, you’re that much of an angel that you should probably treat yourself to a gorgeous new mug to drink that coffee out of, right? Right? Right!

Have a look at the gorgeous angel mug 😍 – not from Aldi though, from me.

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I’ll be updating this list as and when I find new Scouse-Bird-Worthy dupes. What do you think are Aldi’s best dupes? Leave me a comment below on what you’d recommend I try next time…


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