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Posted On: 12/04/2015

By: Scouse Bird

It’s been just over 3 years now since Scouse Bird Problems started as just a bit of fun on twitter and the whole thing is unrecognisable to me (and hopefully to everyone else) since the beginning. Back then it was more of an affectionate mirror, taking the piss out of ourselves and the little quirks us Scousers have. Now it’s followed all over the world and hopefully it’s a little bit relatable to everyone. 

The blog has morphed into an online magazine; it’s not just me who writes the articles anymore and we don’t just talk about one niche, we talk about everything and anything that I think people might find interesting, funny or useful. I’m making some changes this week and I wanted to keep you all up to date. Every day of the week at is going to have a theme:

Man Monday – Whether it’s advice on cheating gobshites (omg like get rid of him immediately!), a funny look at dating or even just some semi-naked pictures of Ryan Gosling, Monday is all about the men. There may even be men writing some pieces – it’ll be good to try and get into their weird little heads sometimes right??

Travel Tuesday – You might have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of posts about travel lately and there is a reason for it. Travel is my passion, first and foremost, but over the last couple of years I’ve turned away from package holidays and not only have I saved a fortune but I’ve seen so much more of the world and made the most of my time abroad. I want to open everyone’s minds to it. I’ve been concentrating on the travel section of for just under a year now and I was honoured enough to be nominated for an award by The Maltese Tourist board which was something I never expected and er, nice one Malta! Every Tuesday i’ll be showcasing a different destination I’ve experienced, offering travel tips and general travel hacks.

Witty Wednesday – This is what the magazine is most known for, just for fun articles. I haven’t done as many over the past year as I’ve been so busy developing the website and specifically the travel section. Every Wednesday there’ll be a new post up for no other reason than just to make you laugh.

Thirsty Thursday – If there’s one thing we love to do, it’s drink. Every Thursday I’m going to dedicate a post to alcohol in some way. It might be an easy at home cocktail recipe, a bar or restaurant review or tips on the cheapest place to buy prosecco. Mmm prosecco…

Fashion Friday – Every Friday I’ll be talking about what sales are on at the moment, new boutiques opening, new fashion trends (good and bad) or even just celebrating style with The Circle of Fab

Stunning Saturday – As we get ready to go out partying all weekend, it’s all about the beauty regime. Saturday’s are all about hair, make up, skincare, fitness and body image. All about being stunning basically 🙂

Smiles Sunday – Whether it’s because you’re nursing a hangover or just having to face the prospect of going to work on Monday, we could all do with a few extra smiles on a Sunday! Sunday is about feel good stories, inspirational posts, things to make your life easier like ‘Cheats guides’ or maybe just a funny post to cheer you up. I’ll also be sending out a newsletter telling you about all the posts that week so you never have to miss a post by accident. Subscribe here.

If you fancy having a go at writing for then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m always looking for new talent. Don’t worry too much if you don’t know your ‘your’ from your ‘you’re’ – that’s my job 😉 I just want funny girls and boys with something to say, in any of the categories above. Some of my writers have gone on to work for national newspapers and magazines, including me.

Likewise, if you think your business could fit in with an article in any of the above categories, just get in touch using the contact form.

Thanks for following me and reading, here’s to many more years running Scouse Bird 


Scouse Bird

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