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I recently went down to London for the weekend, I go about once a year because it’s a great night out and it’s always good to do something a bit different every now and again. Variety is the spice of life! Normally I stay in a hotel but with the rise in Liverpool recently of apartments such as Signature Living & L3 Living I decided to give apartments a whirl.

I found City Base apartments on google, they actually operate throughout the UK. The club we were planning on going to was right next to Liverpool Street station (if I go too far from Liverpool I get all panicky and homesick and turkeying for a bottle of fake tan) and the helpful people at head office found us a flat which was literally a 5 minute walkway from the club and the station which meant no messing round with taxis etc.

We got a one bedroom flat in their One Whites Row property and it’s soooo much better than a hotel room. There’s a living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall and obviously a bedroom which means plenty of space to spread out and make a mess – I covered the bathroom in fake tan, naturally. Better than than though they’re decorated to a higher standard than most hotel rooms so you really feel like you’re living the high life and when you split the cost between you and your mates it really doesn’t add up to much at all.

Down with hotel rooms, long live apartments!


Scouse Bird

If you want to check out City Base Apartments if you’re planning a trip anywhere in the UK try here, like I said, they were really helpful.


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