Scouse Bird Problems – Bottomless Brunch at Pan Am

Posted On: 23/05/2017

By: Scouse Bird

The Brunch

Had an absolutely gorgeous brunch this weekend with the girls at Pan Am – you can bring out all the fancy new bars in the world but sometimes nothing beats a classic day out on the docks. I was absolutely fuming about the weather – it had been glorious all week and then rained all day. Me and the girls all came out in summery outfits because the weather was beautiful in the morning before it took a turn for the worse – luckily, the docks look flawless in any weather. Plus you can sit in the warm inside and still take in the amazing views.

Pan Am do a fantastic brunch (see vid in below Instagram post for a first hand look at the menu) it includes UNLIMITED prosecco and certain cocktails for up to two hours, a sharing platter starter and quite a sizeable main and it’s only £29.95 per person. Honestly it’s a must!

The food was amazing – the tender stem broccoli actually came with another dish but I really really wanted it so they made me it anyway. How lovely? 

The Outfit

What a fashion blogger will tell you

The jumpsuit is Little Mistress UK tall and it fits really well and so so flattering, plus IT HAS POCKETS! Shoes: Ted Baker. 

What the fashion blogger won’t tell you

The jumpsuit is difficult to iron, I don’t know what material it’s made out of but Christ, I had a mare with it. I ended up putting a damp muslin over it and that worked a treat. The buttons on the back are dead fiddly so beware that when you’ve broken the golden seal and need the loo every 5 mins, it’s deffo a 2 person job 😆 

Shoes: Prisons for the feet, very hurty but look amazing AND they were like 80% off in a Very clearance shop in Llandudno so if you’re ever there, deffo worth a bargain hunt.

Have a look at the last pic for a bonus behind the scenes look at blogger life 😆

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