Scouse Bird Problems – Can you escape from a locked room? Breakout: Shipwrecked

Posted On: 05/05/2015

By: Scouse Bird

Remember those locked room flash games which were popular about 10 years ago? The ones that had you staying up until 3am fuming because you knew you needed a key to get in the locked draw but you didn’t have a clue what code 8793 and a torn off bit of map was for??? They were basically boss.

Now ‘Breakout Liverpool’ has brought them to life. They opened in March and have already locked hundreds of people in rooms, leaving them with only their brainpower to get them out. I went along last week and tried out their Shipwrecked room to see if it lived up to the hype and honestly, I was feeling pretty cocky. I made the Crimson Room my bitch back in the day after all.

After being locked in for 30 seconds I realised this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. There was no indication as to where to start and there were red herrings everywhere… so many red herrings! It didn’t help that my brother guessed one of the lock combinations by accident and ended up solving a clue way before he should have meaning everything was out of sync. My head was… cabbaged, to say the least. 

As the scary clock on the wall ticked down, reminding us continually that we were pretty shit at this and running out of time, I thanked my lucky stars that Crystal Maze wasn’t on telly any more otherwise I would have definitely applied and definitely got locked in the room and then the rest of the team would’ve been giving me side eye ’cause they had to waste a Crystal getting me out. Then I probably would’ve collected loads of silver tokens in the final dome, let’s face it.

Once we’d cracked the first few clues in Shipwrecked we started to get a feel for how the game worked and things started speeding up. I really came into my element in the final few puzzles of the game which reassured me that I don’t really suck at life.

The end result was that we found the Captain’s hidden treasure with 10 minutes to spare *painting nails emoji* but despite racking up a good time I definitely feel like my brain had a work out and the five of us had loads of fun. Can’t wait to go back and try one of their other rooms ASAP! If you don’t break out within 60 minutes then they do actually let you back out again but then you have to pose for a picture with a certificate basically calling you a failure *monkey face emoji*

Breakout Liverpool is on Whitechapel (opposite the Met Quarter and just a little bit further along from Cafe Nero) – they have four themed rooms and plan to open more soon. You can play with teams of 2 to 5 players – perfect for a work bonding exercise or a day out with your mates. Probably wouldn’t recommend it for a date – no one needs the pressure ramping up on that particular pressure cooker! Prices depend on which room you choose, when you play and how many players – they generally start from about £12 each. Places get booked up at least a week in advance so don’t hang about.


7-11 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool, L1 6BW.

0151 227 1765

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