Scouse Bird Problems – Daniella Westbrook: Sext & Tell is tacky AF

Posted On: 20/07/2015

By: Scouse Bird

No stranger to shocking press coverage, Daniella Westbrook once again hit the headlines last week. Sadly she’s become more famous for scandals which have overshadowed her acting. Now she’s being painted as a desperate, aggressive cougar who’s been sexting young men. Oh Daniella, where were your mates and why the hell didn’t they confiscate your phone?

In this situation, who’s the real arsehole though? Daniella who seems caught up in a fantasy (albeit misguided) of finding her Prince Charming (I blame Disney propaganda) or the young fella who insists he’s worried about her state of mind but sold his story to the paper along with naked pictures of her. Oh you poor little lamb! Did the naughty MILF send you naked pictures? Maybe you were too busy jizzing over the fact someone a bit famous was paying you attention to just, I don’t know, block her?

“I’m just here, innocently trying to live my life with my girlfriend and an ex soap star is spamming me with pictures of her woo. HELP!” You gave her your number pal, what road did you think you were going down? Even if it was J-Law’s number, that was a shitty thing to do to your girlfriend so don’t be trying to get yourself out of your bed of lies by crying and saying it was all Daniella. When you’re up all night talking for hours and she thinks you and her would make a good couple, no one is going to believe for a second that you were giving her one-word answers. Do you not know how pissed off women get with one word answers??

Crawl back under a rock you absolute crab and remember, sext and tell stories are as tacky as the hair extensions from Geordie Shore series 1. 

So funny it seems all this bad press is having diverse effect .I got work offers coming at me in every direction 👌🏻 3 movies & a radio show💋

— Danniella westbrook (@westbrookdanni) July 13, 2015



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