David Walliams' Awful Auntie at The Liverpool Empire

Earlier this week we were invited to see David Walliams’ award winning Awful Auntie at the Liverpool Empire- The Birmingham Stage company brought the short story to life before our very eyes.

The story follows our heroine, Lady Stella Saxby- a 12 year old girl who wakes up after having been in a coma for 3 months to discover she had been in a terrible car accident with her parents, and that she was the only one to have survived. She is left to the care of her cruel Aunt Alberta, whose suspicious behaviour following the deaths Lord and Lady Saxby make Stella begin to wonder if her parents’ deaths were really an accident after all, and how little her Awful Auntie really had to do with it.

After she is locked down in the cellar by her awful aunt, Stella makes an unlikely friend in a cheerful ghost named Soot. Together they piece together the secrets of Saxby Hall, and fight back for custody of the house against Aunt Alberta, all the while trying to avoid the watchful eye of Wagner, Alberta’s evil owl henchman!

The play will have you sat on the edge of your seat throughout, and though primarily a play for the kids, it even had the adults amongst the audience laughing. Timothy Speyer plays a fab Aunt Alberta, who you’ll absolutely love to hate, and you’ll be rooting for strong willed Stella (Georgina Leonidas) and loveable Soot (Ashley Cousins) as they plan and plot mischievous tricks to try and chase Alberta out of the house. Keep an eye out for Wagner the owl too- the way the cast bring him to life is boss (and pretty creepy tbh).  


The Liverpool Empire itself is a gorgeous setting to go and see any play. We had a coffee in the interval in the atrium bar served by their lovely staff.

If you do decide to buy a programme, it’s filled with loads of little games and colouring in bits to keep the kids entertained in the car on the way home.

Awful Auntie summed up…

Awful Auntie is a heartwarming, funny, and moving story that the kids will love- and begs the adults of the audience to remember the magic and wonder of childhood that we sometimes forget about now we’re all grown up. The play runs until Sunday 2nd September and you can grab some tickets online. 


Beth & Alex


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