Scouse Bird Problems – Diet Friendly Sweet Treats

Posted On: 25/07/2017

By: Steph Bannister

I just wanted to expand a little further on a post I did a few months ago – 8 Things That Make Doing Slimming World Easier – one thing I got a lot of feedback on was the ‘carrot cake’ so here’s a couple more diet friendly sweet treats.

There’s a million and one ‘faux dessert’ recipes that’ll leave you feeling unsatisfied and crying into your plate of what most certainly ain’t cake – so here’s just a couple of things you can use to make you feel a little bit more like you’re eating the real deal.

Popcorn Maker

This American Originals popcorn maker allows you to air pop your own popcorn – meaning you can get the plain stuff and make it fat free – yassss! Plain popcorn is even ‘free’ on the Weight Watchers no count plan so if you add your own WW friendly flavours then girl, in 3 minutes you got yourself an unlimited bowl of the good stuff for film night ❤️

Waffle Maker

Again by American Originals – the flip over waffle maker mean you can quite easily adapt the Slimming World pancake recipe (blast 40g oats in a blender with an egg and some sweetener) by pouring it into a waffle mould, then top with some fresh fruit and yoghurt OR if you wanna spare a couple of syns, then a drizzle of choc shot all over will feel like a real actual dessert!

And of course – if you fancy the carrot cake recipe you can find it here.


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