Scouse Bird Problems – How to: Fight off winter skin… and hair… and fat

Posted On: 02/10/2015

By: Scarlett Wonderland

In a feeble attempt to motivate myself to hit the gym more often I’ve followed, fitness and bikini accounts on Instagram – probably upwards of 50 if I’m dead honest. 

The problem is, with the dark nights closing in and my Summer tan already fading, you’re more likely to catch me scrolling through my Instagram feed – which is now full of beautiful, tanned, slim girls with blemish-free skin and perfect hair – while I lie on the couch and sob into my second bowl of soggy Crunchy Nut that evening. 


If you can relate, (come on, don’t tell me I’m the only one) then you need to get onto Beach Ready. This natural food supplement promises to have your skin glowing whilst also helping you lose weight (and enhancing your tan if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off for some Winter sun… bitch!).

Last year we looked at how Beach Ready helps you get a tan to rival you fella’s (sly on us that lads tan so much easier, lord knows they don’t deserve it!) but what we didn’t tell you was how it helps to leave your skin, hair and nails in great condition even with the cold air attacking us!


So how does it work?

Unlike things like fat burners which are full of all things awful, (honestly girls, stay away from the T6s and the phentabs and all that shite) Beach Ready Slim and Sun contains PABA and Silica which, as well as being an absolutely boss skin, hair and nail supplement they also help prepare your skin for sun exposure by aiding your natural tanning pigments and helping your skin to rejuvenate faster.  

It also contains L-tyrosine, which not only helps to regenerate your skin, but is a natural metabolism booster.

Beach Ready isn’t a detox so you won’t be left feeling like you’re going to murder your fella if he so much as chews in the same room as you – and, although the best results are achieved when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, as we found out ourselves, you don’t necessarily have to diet for Beach Ready to work. Can I get an Amen for an Autumn full of takeaways!

As we know, it also helps you tan faster… which is every girls dream right??


So there you have it, if you’re like me and you want to lose weight without really dieting or killing yourself at the gym, Beach Ready is your new bezzie. For a limited time you can grab yours for £15 instead of the usual £29.99 – get them while the getting’s good here.



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