Scouse Bird Problems – How to: Make your home into a Winter Wonderland this Xmas

Posted On: 24/11/2015

By: Hannah Hodgson

Every year as soon as December hits, the whole world prays for a white Christmas. In Liverpool, the best we usually get is a shitty bit of sleet for half an hour one night or, if we’re really lucky, patches of black ice that sends us flat on our arse without warning. No matter what the weather this winter, Taskers home store has some of the biggest ranges of Christmas theme ideas, trees, lights, table decorations and more to make your home feel magical.

Here’s our five fabulous ideas to make your home into a winter wonderland this Christmas

Twinkle Twinkle

From Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Rhi Rhi’s Shine Bright like a Diamond, every girl has grown up to learn to love twinkly, shiny, pretty things. Taskers LED twinkle lights are great to either wrap around your Christmas tree or just dangle around your bedroom. Wherever you place them, they’re going to look cute. Your fella probably won’t appreciate the cuteness, but every other girl in the City will. 

Christmas Theme Inspo – which one are you?

Balanced white theme

Silent Romance theme

Golden pearls theme

Fabulous chic theme – yes girl, those ARE zebra print baubles!

Classic Twist theme

Every house needs a theme to go by when putting up the Christmas decorations. It’s no good having silver tinsel, red snowflakes and purple and yellow lights. Nobody wants their house to look like a clown has just been violently sick all over the living room. Taskers will inspire you with a range of themes for your home, from Fabulous Chic, to Woodland White to the plain and simple Traditional Christmas, they’ll give you some amazing ideas that will make your house look dazzling this December – so you can feel free to upload Instagram worthy #christmasgoals pictures to your hearts content.

The wreath of Christmas 

No home is complete without a Christmas wreath hanging from the front door. If you don’t have one, then is it really Christmas? You want people to walk past your house in envy and think “shit, that house looks so much better than my house.” Whether you want plain and simple, or one covered in fake snow and shining lights, Taskers has a wide range of wreaths that say ‘welcome to my lovely, Christmassy home’ like no other.  

Table Toppers


From contemporary chic to golden grace, your Christmas table set up says a lot about you. If you’ve just thought “fuck it” and shoved a few crackers next to the cutlery and put out your posh wine glasses, people will think you don’t care and then how will you strike envy into the hearts of your ‘facebook mates from school who you don’t really like but keep around to have a nose at and and ake sure your life is better than theirs’ when you upload the ‘xmas table’ pics??. You have to be the host with the most. Taskers have a huge range of table decorations that you can show off to your guests – from flameless candles (how gorge? above) to pearl embroidered table runners, you can make your table look as sexy as Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. Like the film, your table will have your guests gasping in awe. 

Decorate in Style

Room decorations can be tricky: too much is tacky, too little and you’re Ebenezer Scrooge. You have to settle at a happy medium. Nothing screams ‘Happy Christmas’ more than a snow globe. Whack it above the fire place with Taskers Widdop Bingham mantel plaques and a classy roll of tinsel and you’re onto a winner.

Check out Taskers Online for more fabulous festive ideas to give your house a ‘fairy tale of Liverpool’ look.




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