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There was a time when having a cleaner was a luxury reserved solely for the rich and the famous, or the stay at home yummy mummies in Surrey. But there was also a time when having a personal trainer was something the average worker could only dream of and having meals made and delivered to your house was something that only went down in Tory homes.

In short, the fancy services once exclusively reserved for the posh and the upper middle classes are now affordable and attainable and we can all reap the rewards.

Ignore the mountain of chores you’ve been meaning to do for the past hour and have a read of why it’s time to feel like a Real Housewife and get yourself a cleaning service in your life.

Ditch the Duster – 5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Hire a Cleaner

It’s a money saver

Yes, you read correctly – paying for a cleaner will save you money in the long term. Just think about it; consider and tot up how much time you spend not just cleaning but thinking about your chore list, nipping out to get the products you need and best of all, moaning about having to mop and brush etc. Your time could be spent and utlisied better; you could get going on that side business you’ve been meaning to give a go, get round to flogging all your old clothes on Depop and make a bit of extra cash in time for Christmas, use the extra time to meal prep so you’re not spending a fiver on a butty in the work canteen – basically, something that doesn’t involve having it out with a toilet brush and a bottle of bleach.

The total value of all the unpaid work done by British people, mostly women – from cooking to cleaning – has been valued at £1tn a year recently! When you look it that way, paying a few quid a week for a helping hand seems an absolute bargain.

If you use a service like The Laundry Queen, they will provide all the products and equipment needed to make your house sparkle; meaning you have one less aisle to visit in the supermarket and, if you’ve just moved in to a new place, won’t even need to fork out for pricey household appliances like hoovers just yet.

Prevents arguments

There’s enough things to argue with your spouse about without having to bicker about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. Think about how many Sunday afternoons have been wasted with a full on domestic regarding the mountain of washing up and passionate cases on both sides about just why you shouldn’t be the one to put the rubber gloves on.

And let’s not start on house shares. There’s absolutely nothing worse than passive aggressive notes regarding hoovering or even worse, some gimp organising a ‘rota’ for chores. Save yourself the hassle of petty arguments and save the relationships in your life and get a cleaner in.

The average cost for a full house clean is around £37.50 with @thelaundryqueen”>The Laundry Queen which means if you live in a house share of 5 people, that’s just over 7 quid per person. That’s a very small price to pay to avoid housemate poltics and ensuring you never have to waste an hour of your life in a ‘House meeting’ discuss who’s been neglecting to take the bins out and lectures about just what the correct way to wash up is. Students, spend your loan wisely and give yourself more time to study (or drink – your call)

Self Care

I’m still not quite sure what exactly ‘Self Care’ in exactly but it seems to be all about ‘Treat yo self’ vibes and I’m down for that tbh. We’ve all had a long day at work, having to interact with humans and actually earn your money (urgh), and promised ourselves a nice bath with a glass of wine once we’re home to relax and soak the day off. But then reality kicks in, the bathroom is a show, you haven’t got the energy to clean the tub before getting in and if you do decide to still go ahead and have a soak, it’s certainly not a scene you will be showing off on Instagram. All in all, you end up more stressed and wound up than ever before.

Imagine the glorious scenes of coming home to an immaculate home and free to do whatever you need to do to unwind, guilt free without feeling like you should be completing some chores or housework. Don’t have to imagine it if you get yourself a cleaner on speed dial.

It’s not just clean, it’s Monica Clean

We’ve all had a bit of a Spring Clean Sunday; blitzing the back kitchen, plumping cushions and dusting skirting boards but even after a full day sweating over a mop bucket and hoover, the house just still isn’t sparkling. Just like your make-up always looks that little bit better when an MUA does it, a professional cleaner will ensure your gaff isn’t just clean, it’s Monica Clean.

We can all kid ourselves and pretend we do just a good job ourselves but take a look at your oven right now – is it really clean? Would you let Kim and Aggie inspect it and feel no shame? No. Let’s leave it to the professionals.

You’ll feel fancy

And finally, while having a cleaning service may be affordable and attainable, you’ll still feel fancy as hell when you get to drop it into conversation. “Oh sure, I’d love to come, I’ll just text the cleaner and let her know I won’t be in when she’s round” – enjoy going full Hyacinth Bucket.

Little touches from The Laundry Queen, like the toilet roll being folded like how you would find in a hotel bathroom, will make you feel like a totel prin and wonder why you never got a cleaner soon.

If you’re ready to ditch the duster and put your feet up while someone else takes care of your cleaning needs check out The Laundry Queen on @thelaundryqueen”>Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 



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