Scouse Bird Problems – The weird food combo that's upset the country – would you try it?

Posted On: 26/07/2017

By: Steph Bannister

You may have seen it in the news, it divided opinions up and down the country – but Caffe Cream in New Brighton has just added something a bit weird to their menu; chips with ice cream.

Last week I was invited to try it and truth be told I was quite nervous. In recent years I’ve only just got on to the deliciousness that is pineapple on a pizza (GUYS I’M TELLING YOU, YOU MIGHT TURN YOUR NOSE UP, BUT I CAN CONFIRM PINEAPPLES DO BELONG ON PIZZA) and I’ve never dunked a Maccies fry in a milkshake…. because I’m not a disgusting horrorbag. So what would I think of the whole chips and ice cream scenario? Would this be some revolting Heston Blumenthal style nightmare?

Here’s my live video of the experience as I live Snapped it:

The controversial chips and ice cream

The strawberry ice cream and chips is their most popular combo request (it’s close to the Maccies milkshake experience) but to be honest, while it did taste nice, absolutely none of the flavours we tried held a candle to the chips and salted caramel duo – it had a very donutty/churros vibe going on and I would deffo eat it again. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m craving another go. It feels so wrong and yet it tastes so right.

So to anyone reading this with this face:

My advice is, for God’s sake, live a little and try it. 

Caffe Cream in New Brighton is the only place in the UK serving this unusual combo, so get yourselves down there and you can tell your grandkids ‘Yeh I was one of the first people ever to taste the traditional British dessert: chips and ice cream’ Oh and while you’re there – ask for a taste of the vegan piña colada flavour ice cream they do – IT IS FANTASTIC.

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