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I like to support my local economy. I buy virtually all my clothes from a local company (Very), I drink local gin (Liverpool Gin), I have a local Christmas tree (Taskers), I stock local suppliers in my shop and of course, I drive a local car. My Land Rover Discovery is my baby, my pride and joy, my dream car and he was made right here in this fair city. I call him Dante because he drives like a bat out of hell.

When we bought Dante, the dealership mentioned about something called a Land Rover Experience, where you could go to one of the factories and a) see how the cars are made and b) have a drive over the specially designed assault course track. Ever since, my fella has been pestering me to go.

Being self employed you don’t have time for such frivolities as ‘life’, only work, so when I was invited along by Land Rover Experience Liverpool themselves it created the perfect situation. I could finally give my fella an early Christmas present without feeling the guilt of the ever-growing piles of work that I was ignoring back at the office. It was an afternoon of work that felt absolutely nothing like work.

The Land Rover Experience Liverpool

First of all our Land Rover Experience Liverpool guide, Mal, showed us around the factory and I got to see where Dante was born. Walking round a car factory might not sound like that much fun but honestly it was so SO good. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or my fella. Plus if you’re single, you get to scope out all the Liverpool Jag lads in their natural habitat, because we all know, a lad working at Land Rover Jag is the holy grail girls…

I wasn’t allowed to take my own pictures in there because of hush hush projects they’re working on but let’s just say that my hair is much bigger now because it’s full of secrets.

Fun Facts about Land Rover:

  • As the cars go round the production line, each worker has just 92 seconds to fit their part perfectly before they have to move on to the next one.
  • The quality control before cars leave the factory stretches literally as far as the eye can see. They are determined that no car leaves with a fault.
  • Every car made by Land Rover is bespoke, there will never be 2 identical cars on the production line because there’s thousands of possible customisations.
  • All Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque (the most popular Land Rover car ever) are made in Halewood and they ship all over the world.
  • Because the factory is so massive, they play music to signal when breaks start and end. They play the William Tell overture when break is over (studies show it makes people move faster).
  • Merino Blue is the limited edition celebration Evoque colour and it is the sexiest colour on a car ever.

Anyway, on to the assault course. It was amazing. I want to go back and do it again and again. You get to drive over huge rocks, through massive trenches of water, up (what seems like 90 degree) ramps and down steep incline hills using no brakes – just purely by trusting the features of the car.

Have a watch of my video diary and see what I mean:

I also learnt why Dante is so quick off the mark at traffic lights – he’s an automatic and he just gets straight off in second gear – no messing about from Dante.

Click here for more info on Land Rover Experience Liverpool and how to book your own experience. I fully 100% recommend it, even if you’re not a Land Rover driver and you just like cars… or adventure… or fun. As an added bonus, you can use code SBP17 when you’re booking and get 10% off.

I received payment to attend the Land Rover Experience but all opinions are 100% my own; swear down, honest to god, not even messin.


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