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Scouse premiered at the Everyman Theatre twenty years ago it was hailed as “a sensational success” by audiences and critics alike, with all performances sold out. This time the team at Lantern Theatre Liverpool are bringing it to The Dome in Grand Central Hall, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Set in the greatest city in the world™, ‘Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors’ asks what would happen if (please God when 🙏) Liverpool declares independence from the rest of the UK

“The people of Liverpool, and the Liverpool People’s Party, invite the Prime Minister to mind his own business. Here in Liverpool, we’re nearer to space than we are to London. London is two hundred miles away; space is only one hundred miles away. People here pay as much heed to the Prime Minister as we do to the man in the moon.”

The play follows Scousers Tom, Kath and their children Susan and Ben through the bid for independence, including a battle and subsequent tragedy. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s definitely a comedy. The audience was laughing out loud from the off with very short breaks between the next hysterical uproar.

Stand out performances came from Peter Washington as Tom (the local history of Liverpool tour guide) and also his Daughter Susan (played by Katie King) and her friendship with Tracey (Louise Garcia) was stereotypically Scouse – you and your bezzy are guaranteed to relate. Shout out to James McMartin too for providing even more laughs as the burley Scouser Big Frank.

Overall we say it’s a highly recommended night out for Scousers of all ages; from the young right up to the nans and granddads. Although tell yer nan to cover her ears – there’s quite a bit of bad language! Everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the Lantern Theatre Liverpool have outdone themselves. If you want a night out that’s something a bit different then deffo give this a go!

So can the people of Liverpool fight to turn the city they love into an independent state from the rest of the UK? You’ll have to get tickets to find out!

Scouse – A Comedy Of Terrors runs at the Lantern Theatre until 15th December 2016.


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