Scouse Bird Problems – Liverpool Empire: The Rocky Horror Show

Posted On: 02/02/2016

By: Sue Bennett

Something deeply strange is afoot Scouse Bird side.   I’m fixing on my false eyelashes with an extra thick swipe of black eyeliner.  My complexion is even more deathly white than usual – but the weird thing is – this time it’s okay.  My curly blow is backcombed and my gemstone encrusted Kurt Geiger stilettoes are taking a massive jump to the left.  B-Movie lightning bolts flash across Liverpool city centre, and a glam rock Goth goddess is alive in the audience of the Liverpool Empire amongst a wild host of ghoulish and glamourous fans.  What in the name of Colleen Rooney is going on I hear you cry?!  Well gorgeous, all of your celluloid dreams are about to come true – the Rocky Horror Show is in town and Dammit Janet it’s here for a good time.  At the Liverpool Empire the fans certainly didn’t hold back from delivering well-timed heckles of adoration. 


This carnival of sexual awakenings, mad-scientist laboratories and transsexual capers will keep you thrilled from start to finish.  And don’t worry the titular Rocky Horror (played by the gorgeous and muscly Dominic Anderson) comes complete with a tan.  This Frankenstein-esque creation of handsomeness spends most of his time in a pair of leopard print trunks.  His fellow cast members dance and joke their way through a spectacular array of costumes that you must experience for yourself.  Replete with velvet capes, glittery platform shoes, satin-laced corsets and suspenders – even the most cynical of punters will rise from their allocated seats for a breakout dance in a feather boa. 

There is not a bad performance in the bunch, and in particular watch out for Liam Tamne as Frank-N-Furter, Kay Murphy as Magenta and Sophie Linder-Lee as Columbia;  a feisty and funny gang that can all take a good slap.  It is no wonder that this Richard O’Brien cult classic of musical theatre has been running since 1973.  After a romp through innocence and innuendo, this show will inspire new fans to do the Time Warp again and again Immortality, it seems, is infectious.

Rocky Horror runs at The Empire until Saturday 6th February – grab your tickets quick!


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