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The enlightened among you will know that eggs benedict (bacon) or florentine (spinach) – or my personal preference, both – is the fittest breakfast dish known to man. WELL, this weekend I didn’t have any muffins in and I was really needing a bene-florentine fix so here’s a low carb eggs benedict healthy omelette version of it that I just plucked out of thin air. It was delicious.

  • 2 eggs
  • 20ml skimmed milk
  • 1-2 bacon medallions
  • And/or a handful of fresh spinach leaves
  • Hollandaise sauce (or if you wanna get really fancy you can make your own)
  • Low fat grated cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Low cal cooking spray
  • Spray low cal oil into a frying pan and heat on medium until melted.
  • Beat the eggs, milk, salt, pepper together.
  • Dice the bacon medallions and add to egg mixture.
  • Pour into pan and start cooking that shit.
  • Add the spinach leaves and cook until they start to wilt.
  • Don’t flip the omelette. It’s a mugs game and it’ll end in disaster. Instead of flipping it, stick the pan under the grill until the top side of the omelette is cooked.
  • Spread 2-3 tsp of Hollandaise sauce over the top of the omelette like a pizza sauce.
  • Add grated cheese. However much you want. I’m not the cheese police. You do you boo boo.
  • Stick it back under the grill until the cheese bubbles.
  • Slide it out of your non-stick oiled up frying pan onto a plater and gurrrrrl, you got yourself a slice of heaven.
  • Eat it with a cup of tea or coffee in your favourite Scouse Bird mug. It makes it extra tasty. Swear down.


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