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A couple of weeks ago I posted on my instagram story all about mine and Cora’s first mummy daughter spa day at a new salon designed for little ones; Mini Madams Spa Liverpool. I had so many people asking for details that I had to blog it, so here’s all you need to know about the new beauty salon for kids.

If you have kids then you’ll know they’re like a sponge. Whatever mummy or daddy do, they want to do too. Cora can’t even leave the house in the morning without putting her perfume on  (I swear I didn’t teach her this, she just did it!).

From the very first time I had to trim Cora’s nails, she’s sat there good as gold, like she was born to be pampered. As soon as I get the nail clippers out she sits next to me, back straight and holds her hand out ready for her manicure. Don’t know where she gets it from honest  👀. When the new salon Mini Madams opened and I was invited along to the opening day I know it was right up her street and we had to visit.

From the people behind the Urban Calm salons (in Aintree and Liverpool City Centre) comes a spa just for Mini Madams (and their parents). I got a full set of gel nails while Cora read books, played in the play kitchen, did finger painting and stuffed her face with Pom Bears. As soon as she saw the Mini Madams catwalk her face lit up and she was straight up there walking up and down and strutting her stuff. I swear she’s 22 months going on 22 years. The little babe. She was so excited and entertained from the second we arrived and she even cried when we had to leave. (Dead sorry to all the staff for witnessing the full on tantrum break down.)

One of the things I struggle with anyway is time and as a parent it’s even harder to find the time for your beauty regime. If I have a spare hour and I desperately need my nails doing, I can’t just nip to the salon unless I can find childcare. Mini Madams solves the problem beautifully by having staff on hand to keep your children occupied and cared for while mummy sorts her mangled hands out.

There are treatments for the younger clientele too of course. Cora had her nails painted with a non toxic polish (a colour she enthusiastically chose herself, which totally matched her outfit by the way) and sat there good as gold while she got them painted and waited for them to dry. She even sat next to mummy like a big girl.

The salon itself is actually amazing. Everywhere is painted in brilliant white with pastel accents and with black outline detail on the walls. It feels like you’re walking around in a cartoon – especially with the soundtrack of Disney songs.

What does Mini Madams offer?

Ok so you know it’s s spa tailored to the younger clientele but what treatments can you actually book there?

  • They offer birthday parties complete with food and spa treatments for all. They get their own mini robes, magazines to read and games to play. Their birthday packages range from Spajama parties – the ultimate pj themed party (without the mess in your own home or kids sleeping over) Or for the more confident girls, The Big Star Spa is great to make your little ones feel like a pop star for the day.
  • They offer Day Spa packages, for one or two madams to be treated and they can even bring along their favourite doll for matching manis and hair styles – how cute is that?? Or my favourite, the Just The Two Of Us package which is the perfect mummy/daughter bonding session.
  • They have different packages tailored to different age groups but the salon is generally designed for ages 3 and up. They even have dead cute mini bath bombs for them to play with in the sinks. (As someone who sells bath bombs, I know full well that a good 50% of the people who beg for them are kids. To be fair, who can blame them, bath bombs are amazing. That’s why we stock the most amazing blaster bath bombs in my shop!
  • There’s individual spa treatments or day packages for mini madam and a friend or two or even for mummy and daughter; again tailored for different age groups.
  • They have an adult menu for manicures, massages and waxing services and all to Urban Calm’s incredible standards.
  • There’s a coffee shop/cafe area for chilling and chatting.

What is the intention behind Mini Madams?

On their website they have the cutest little mission statement. Beauty treatments for girls can get a bad rap over kids growing up too fast but the team behind Mini Madams say: A spa for the small set, Mini Madams is the first of its kind in the UK. Not just a spa, but a spa with a purpose, what will underpin everything on offer at Mini Madams, will be positive messages around kindness, confidence, empowerment and friendship. Teaching our guests it’s cool to be kind and beauty really does come from within.

How cute is that??

Where is Mini Madams?

Ok I’m in, sign me up, sounds like heaven, where is it? It’s underneath the Travel Lodge on the Lancs on the same retail estate as the Showcase. Dead easy to get to from all directions.

How do I book?

To find out more and to book your own little spa day or party you can visit their website here. You can also find them on Instagram (advisable if you love loads of cute photos)!

Enjoy the pamper girls, you deserve it, no matter what age you are…

Mini Madams paid me to review their spa but all opinions views and shellac’d nails are my own. Swear down, honest to god, not even messin.


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