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Whether you’re a new mum, a novice mum, an expert mum or a seasoned veteran mum, I think one thing we can all agree on is that as soon as that cheeky little sperm pokes his head into your egg, your time is no longer your own.

From morning sickness, to baby proofing, to stranger danger and to seeing them going out to town in what can only be described as a bra and a belt (am I right yer da?) being a mum is a full time gig that never ever stops.

Mini Madams spa in Liverpool knows this, respects this and wants to give mums back a bit of sanity, time and luxury, all while keeping the fruit of your woo thoroughly entertained.


They just launched a range of pre-school sessions; Teddy Bears picnic, Sensory play and mini pamper sessions and I took Cora along to try it out (while I had a coffee and a full body massage of course).

It’s safe to say, she loved it.


While I was off in a candlelight room receiving a rub down, Cora got to dress up as every Disney princess imaginable while painting Teddy pictures (now proudly hanging on my fridge) and making Teddy toast (Nutella, blueberries and bananas) for her Teddy bears picnic.


By the time I was out of my massage, Cora was in a luxurious waffle dressing gown straight out of a spa, having a luxury bath bomb pedicure (in hot pink), followed my a manicure (frozen glitter blue). When I told her is was time to leave because mummy had to go to work she said, “Ok bye mummy” and carried on playing. I had to bribe her with a fish finger happy meal to get her to come with me. I honestly don’t know who had the better day out.


I honestly love it there and me and Cora couldn’t recommend it enough! For more information on session times and to book visit the Mini Madams website.


This is a sponsored post by Mini Madams spa. All views expressed are my own and all of Cora's joy is 100% real.


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