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”Well as if I’m actually going to tell you who I am, why spoil the fun? All I’ll say is that I am a girl, I am from Liverpool and I am in my twenties. I started this twitter account as a little bit of fun and i’m genuinely surprised as to how popular it’s become. Scouse Bird seems to have taken on a life of her own and it’s very much like having a split personality. She isn’t me, although parts of her are. I like to think that she’s every Scouse Bird only she’s willing to say and admit the things we’d never dare to. Quite often I’ll put out a tweet and then immediately get a text off me fella goin “Er what’s all that about? Been textin a lad have ya?” (crank) and I have to explain that no, I haven’t been texting a lad but I may have done something similar in the past and I’m sure someone, somewhere in this city IS texting a lad.

I may take the piss out of people or places but I personally am not malicious (she is though, the bitch) – So try not to take too much offence to my tweets. Mind you I really do hate Chris Maloney. Tit.

Anyway I’ve been through the dating wars (and yes, it is a war) for many years and have finally found a fella I can bear so I now live with him. I love cats and I’ve forced him to get 2 kittens which are the bane of his life. Prior to meeting Mr Right I have had my fair share of experiences with Mr Wrongs and that’s where I get alot of my material from!

I love Liverpool and I’m genuinely humbled by how many people enjoy my humour. I love each and every follower. Tra for now!

And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me, X O X O Scouse Bird


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