Scouse Bird Problems – NYL: The cocktail bar with a hotel

Posted On: 28/05/2015

By: Scouse Bird

You’ve heard of hotels with bars – that’s nothing new, but what about bars with hotels? I don’t think there’s a hotel bar, in Liverpool at least (except Maybe the Hilton) where people go to the bar, for the bar and not just because they’re staying in the hotel.

[Enter stage left] NYL on North John St, I’ve been going there since it launched earlier this year. It’s a fab place to work from by the way; plugs, free wifi, huge comfortable booths big enough for meetings and a selection of delicious cocktails. What more do you need from a portable office?

Now NYL is a funny one because it’s actually an upscale cocktail bar and restaurant (with a mezzanine level perfect for getting your slutdrop on), which flows into the WXYZ lounge which has a really funky chilled out vibe (and a free pool table) and then that flows into the Aloft hotel.

I go there that often for the bar and restaurant that I always forget the hotel is even there. I was curious though, the old Royal Insurance building (the one with the gold dome which now houses Aloft & NYL) is one of my favourites so my fella and I decided to stay over for our anniversary. It was fab; comfy rooms, great artwork and wonderful views of our gorgeous city. If I had to be picky I’d change the layout of the bathroom slightly – the towels are partitioned in another part of the room away from the sink – but clearly that’s no real hardship! The hotel is pet friendly by the way. I was very tempted to bring the cats…

Don’t miss – Stand in the hotel reception and look up, then go up to the fifth floor and look down. Trust me.

Cocktails you must try

Liberty pornstar – they use whipped cream in the foam taking the pornstar martini to the next level; a dessert drink

Big apple – Apple and caramel vodka with apples and lemon juice. This is my absolute fave; they have one waiting for me when I walk in. Is that the first sign of alcoholism or…?

Ellis Island – Strawberry fans, you’ll love it!

Hopeful spinster – Chocolately and creamy; it’s a pudding in a glass.

Picks from the menu

Truffle oil and Parmesan chips – seriously get them

Celery soup – I don’t like celery, can’t stand it but for some reason love this soup!

White chocolate blondie – White chocolate, peanut butter and popping candy in a dessert

Any steak…


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