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I’ve been working as a ‘full time Scouse Bird’ now since 2013. I started it all from my phone so my office was wherever my phone was, but my business has changed and grown and my office has had to change and grow with me.

My first office was in The Secret Warehouse in Bootle and it was an amazing space full of creative, positive people and it was my first stepping stone to expanding the shop and putting it on the path to where it is today. When I outgrew my space there I moved into a house that I own but usually rent out – and while it was amazing having a bath in the office (I was the biggest bath bomb customer I had!), it wasn’t ideal in the long run and once I came out identity wise I knew I wanted somewhere where I could meet all of my amazing customers in person.

The owner, Kevin, contacted me looking to get a little exposure for the unique thing he has going on here and when I saw it for myself I knew I wanted to call it my new home. Rent A Space (the big yellow building on Dunnings Bridge Rd in Aintree) isn’t just a storage place anymore. It’s FULL of small businesses and you can literally spend hours in here having a full on shopping day. There’s dress makers, clothes shops, florists, furniture shops, upcycling shops, a music shop, a cosmetics company, a caterers, a craft school for adults with learning disabilities, a wedding stationery designer, a mac/iphone hospital and loads more moving in every day.

Within a few weeks I’d bagsied a space and they completely custom built me an office space, a shop and a stockroom and despite the infamous fridge saga (not their fault, Hermes) it’s all gone off without a hitch and the staff here are lovely – nothing is too much trouble.

I talk about things I love. I’m registered as an affiliate marketer so that means that sometimes I’ll earn a commission on my recommendations XOXO Steph Bannister

The work hub

I have posted a couple of pics of the office so here it is in all its glory, including exactly how  I’ve decorated and where you can buy everything.

The hun of any office is of course the desk. when I was looking for something else and just fell in love instantly. I do love a good cubby hole. We’ve gone for a white, pink, grey and rose gold them (obviously, do bloggers even deal in any other colours??), so found these fab pink chairs to match.

The creative couch

When I’m doing a long task like writing a blog post, I like to get comfy and prefer to do it from the couch. Plus I wanted a real “wow” backdrop for my Youtube videos and this couch is the very definition of wow isn’t it? Plus it’s dead dead comfy.

The storage

If there’s one thing that can make a place look messy, it’s stuff everywhere. There are some clever ways that you can make storage look like part of the aesthetic though and honestly, looking at these just makes me dead happy. They’re like ‘feature storage’!

The pretty stuff

Sometimes there’s things you just need to have around for no other reason than they look fab…

The kitchen

And last but not least (although it was the last to arrive) the infamous pink fridge that My Hermes lost and it had to be reordered. The main thing is I can have my milk cold now but it’s very pretty to look at too…

  • – Amazon
  • Vintage tea trolley – ebay
  • – Amazon
  • Angel mug – The Sassy Bird

Hope you’ve had some office decor ideas and please do pop in anytime, I’d love to meet you all.


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