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I haven’t drank prosecco for quite a while now. In all honesty, I loved the stuff but I had a really bad case of food poisoning last year and since then I haven’t been able to touch the bubbly wonder juice. To clarify, the prosecco didn’t cause the food poisoning but I was drinking it with the meal and honest to god, it just brings back terrible memories. I was sent a sample of Petite Prosecco to try and I had mixed feelings – on the one hand, old me would LOVE some low calorie prosecco but could new me even stomach it? Let’s find out…

Petite Prosecco facts

Ever since the prosecco renaissance started a few years ago, a skinny version has almost been inevitable. It’s a dry wine so doesn’t have as much sugar in as your 3 for a tenner bottles of rosé anyway, but compared to say gin or vodka, any wine is high in sugar and therefore calories. BOOOO. Calories always spoil all the fun. So if someone could bring a skinny prosecco out then everyone would be happier right?

The average glass of prosecco contains around 80-ish calories. Other ‘low cal prosecco’ on the market contain around 67 (saving 13 calories per glass) BUT Petite Prosecco contains only 59 calories per glass and only 6g of sugar, saving you more ‘food points’ all round.

How does it taste?

I was nervous about this. Ever since the food poisoning incident of 2017 I’ve been completely unable to stomach so much as a sip. Not even a toast at Christmas dinner. I’ve given away fancy bottles of champagne and poured prosecco down the sink (sacrilege I know… but I have found gin so don’t cry for me).

Me drinking prosecco since the food poisoning…

Petite Prosecco actually tastes really nice – I drank half the bottle. I didn’t think I’d be able to do more than a mouthful. It was really smooth with none of the acidy aftertaste. As you would expect, it wasn’t overly sweet. If I was drinking it cold on a hot summer day I would describe it as refreshing and probably neck the whole bottle glass in one go.

If I was going to take up prosecco drinking again then, hand on heart, I would have to invest in a wine cellar full of this stuff.

How much does it cost?

There’s been a skinny prosecco out now for about a year but at around £18 a bottle they can actually fuck off. The first thing you need to now about Petite Prosecco is that it’s only £12.99 a bottle but if you buy more than one bottle it goes down to £12.49 and that is much more palatable.

Is it dead dead pretty?

It comes in a snazzy blush pink presentation box and the liquid inside is towards the clear end of the white wine scale so it all looks hella Instagram friendly. The fact it’s boxed means it makes a great prezzie as well for your mates birthday.

Petite Prosecco Overall Verdict:

Prosecco lovers, this is the answer to every single one of your prayers. You can find out out and purchase some here. Or even pop to the Scouse Bird Shop in Aintree – I loved it some much I decided to stock it. Why waste calories you don’t need to when you can spend them on a dirty delicious pizza on the way home instead..?

Also, if you really wanna take your love of prosecco to the next level, you can grab yourself one of these fab rustic keyrings from my shop. in whatever alcohol you like…



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