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If you haven’t heard of or been to The Raz then quite frankly you haven’t lived. For those of you who have been The Raz you may be thinking “Waaa wouldn’t have expected Scouse Bird to set foot in there.” Perhaps you’d be right, it’s not expected but I’m like an onion – many layers.

This isn’t a place to go to if you want to pose and get a bottle service, hell I wouldn’t recommend wearing anything costing over £30 to go there, it’ll get wrecked. But if you sometimes wistfully remember a time when every song released had a dance routine and you could get a toxic coloured drink for like £3 then this is the place for you. No one’s even assed if you like a good club neck, in fact I’d say it was the club necking capital of Liverpool…not that I’d know from experience of course, I’m far too classy for all that *awkward face*. You may even come across a Scouse parody account on the door looking all ‘ard but I won’t disclose which one.

It’s at the top of Seel St and is actually called the Blue Angel….if anyone can tell me why it’s actually called the Raz I’d be dead grateful because I genuinely have no idea.

At first you step into what looks like an empty old mans pub, but sneak through a door marked ‘fire exit’ and you’ll find yourself in a huge dingy basement where the only music allowed is along the lines of the 5ive mega mix and Steps 5,6,7,8. You may think you’ve forgotten the official dance routines to these but I guarantee it’ll be lurking somewhere at the back of your mind taking up valuable brain space.

You absolutely must try the ‘Fat Frog’ which is basically luminous green and just sugar and alcohol in a glass, the vodka slush puppies and of course the legendary Razzbombs (which are £1 blag jagerbombs basically).

Once you get over the strange smell and clientele I swear you’ll have so much fun that it’ll be 5am and they’ll be kicking you out before you know it.

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