I made a Scouse Bird Gin – With Whitley Neill, Liverpool Gin & The Asda!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Asda. All view expressed (particularly of my extreme love of gin) are my own though. Swear down.

Last night I was invited by Asda to visit our very own Halewood distillery (home of Whitley Neill and Liverpool Gin of course) and as usual, because I’m a scatterbrain I had a bit of an adventure. One would assume the Halewood distillery (home of Liverpool Gin & Whitley Neill) was in Halewood, so that’s where I headed, only to get there and fine that it had now actually moved to Huyton. The event (a gin distillery (my fave kind of distillery tbh) tour was due to start at 5pm and so I arrived in Huyton nice and early at 4.45pm. Then I checked my invite and found out it was actually at the new Liverpool gin Distillery on Castle Street in town – you try getting from Huyton to Castle Street in 15 minutes at rush hour.

You can head over to my Instagram and watch my Scouse Bird Gin story highlight to see the night live in action…

Luckily (for me) the hosts were also held up in really bad traffic so we arrived almost simultaneously 45 minutes late. I swear to god, it’s a good job I’m self employed otherwise I’d have been sacked a million times by now. I needed a gin by the time I got there!

Whitley Neill parma violet gin in hand we headed up to one of the distillery rooms to chat about all things botanical. I’ll be honest, I just thought we were going to talk about how gin was made and learn a bit of history (which I’m all for) but WE ACTUALLY GOT TO MAKE OUR OWN GIN!

Gin starts off as a plain alcohol and then it’s heated up with a choice of botanicals (including the 3 mandatory staples – juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root) until it’s just vapour, then it passes through a copper still and is cooled back down again until it’s liquid – then there’s your gin. It comes out of the still at 80% proof and then filtered water is added (boooooo) to make it the 40%ish spirit we all know and love…a lot.

I made a Scouse Bird gin and I’m not going to tell you the exact ratio of ingredients because I’m going to reserve the right to actually put this into production one day! It does contain rose petals, pink grapefruit and a hint of spice and violet though and that’s all I’m saying. Sounds fit doesn’t it? It is.

Whitley Neill and Liverpool Gin (available at the Asda) go through this same process and I’ll be honest I was amazed by how many flavours they had. I’ve been scarred by flavoured gins before because most of them aren’t actually gin at all, they’re liqueurs and they’re actually quite low in alcohol content. Whitley Neill gin have some amazing flavours though like Rhubarb and Ginger and Parma Violets and they’re actual 40% gin. The Liverpool Gin rose petals one smells like a bunch of flowers every time you take a sip and the Liverpool Valencian Orange is a super strong gin at 46% proof. They all make boss Christmas presents by the way if anyone wants to send one my way…. I have a gin cabinet to fill 😂 If you want an extra strong hint, the Aloe Vera and Cucumber Whitley Neill is a BIT OF ME!

Thanks so much to Asda, Halewood International and Liverpool Gin distillery for such a boss event and evening and I can’t wait to gingle my way all through Christmas….

Love gin? Here’s a bit of pro-gin propaganda I wrote last year…

Also, a little tip for those of you who love Christmas and love gin (so all of you). Asda Extra Special range have brought out a sparkly gingerbread gin for Christmas and it’s only available from them. It is Christmas in a glass and I would highly suggest trying it with lemonade and a healthy dose of Home Alone 1 & 2 on the telly.

Happy Christmas one and all – gin gin! Drink up!


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